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We have always stressed the importance of HTML tag semantics, rich in semantics and scientific use of HTML tags, the layout of the CSS Web page to create a Web-standard Web site is very meaningful, very useful.

Maybe a friend is confused, how to use HTML tags is to keep the document semantics and have a good structure? We look at the following knowledge of this introduction, I believe you must have some harvest. But please also note that some of the tags may not conform to the web standards, which we in the later article one by one.

Note: Double and single respectively to indicate whether the label is in pairs, or a single occurrence, in pairs appear need to close, such as: Dual representation <a></a>, single expression: .

<a> double define a link

Name=text the target name (bookmark) In this webpage, can be a number or text
Href=url Specify Destination Address
Tabindex=number Specifies the position of the link in the tab order of the current file between 0-32767
CHARSET=CHARSET Specifies the character encoding of the destination file
Example: <a href= "link.html" ></A>
<a href= "" >Send</A>
<base> specifies a base URL for all related URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) in the file. Put in

Href=url the URL to use
<body> The body of two files (what is displayed in the browser)

Backcolor= "RRGGBB" background color
Leftmargin=number the distance between the left edge of the browser and the start position of the body and graphics in the window, in pixels
Topmargin=number the distance between the top edge of the browser and the position of the top edge of the body and graphics in the window, in pixels
text= "RRGGBB" text default color
Background=url background picture
<caption> The title of the double table, located above the table, can be <font> decorated, but a <caption> must correspond to a <table>

Align=left Right Center title alignment
<dd> double represents an entry part of a table item in a definition list

<dl> double represents a definition list, consisting of entry <dt> and definition <dd>

<dt> double represents an entry part of a table item in a definition list

<form> Double

Action=url form submission Address
<font> Double font decoration

I italic
b Bold
U underline
s Delete Line
Big is bigger than the previous one.
Small a font smaller than the previous one
Right aligned
Center Center
color= "RRGGBB" color
Style=text font size, available text and numbers
Name=text Font Name
Equal font isometric

Align =left Right center horizontal line alignment
NoShade the horizontal line into a newer line
Size=number Specify line width, per pixel
Width=number or% horizontal line length, one pixel per unit or page width as a percentage

Size=number File Size
put a picture on the page

Align=left Right Center top middle Botton
Alt=text the prompt text when the image cannot be displayed
Width=number Image Width
Height=number Image Height
Src=url Image Address
Hspace=number the image to leave a space
Vspace=number the image up and down to leave a space
Border=number image and page boundary distance, defaults to 1
BLOCKQUOTE a block of references, each side left a space, up and down each left a line
<input> single input (form) [input type: text Radio box check box reset submit file Transfer]<form> subset

Type:checkbox check box
Checked initial check value
Name=text number, available text or numbers
Value=text Initial value
Type:file File Upload
Name=text number, available text or numbers
Value=text the text of the search button
Type:radio Radio Box
Checked initial check value
Name=text number, available text or numbers
Value=text Initial value
Type:rest the form selection to restore default values
Value=text to show alternative text
Type:submit Submit button
Value=text the text on the display button
Text=text Content
Max=number maximum input character, defaults to 20
Min=number minimum input character, defaults to 1
Height=number input box height, unit character, when height=1, no vertical scroll bar
Weidth=number input box width, unit character
Text content displayed by Value=text
Src=url Connection's Web page address
<li> double represents a table item defined in a list that is used in <dir><ol><ul> labels

<marquee> Double Create a scrolling text box

Align=left Right Center text box aligns to the left, right, and middle of the page
Dirsction=left horizontal, vertical scroll bar when right text goes out of bounds
Height=number text Box height
Width=number text Box width
Hspace=number the pixels left on both sides of the text box
Vspace=number the pixels that are left up and down in the text box
Scrollamount=number Click the Direction key, each scrolling distance, the unit character
Scrolldelay=number When you click a blank bar, scroll distance, unit character
<media> Single Media

Align=left Right Center middle the top bottom object's alignment relative to the surrounding text
The address referenced by the Data=url object
Height=number object height, in pixels
Width=number object width, in pixels
Hspace=number a space left on each side of the object, in pixels
Vspace=number a space, in pixels, between the top and bottom of an object
Type=audio Video Object Type (audio and visual)
Loop=number Loop playback times
<nobr> double Stop Line wrapping

<object> Dual Plugin

Classid=text such as 9b99c199-5d75-454f-ae07-b620727be8d8
<ol> Double defines the start of a sequence table, consisting of a table item <li>

<option> items for a double drop-down list or scroll list

Checked initial check value
Value=text Initial value
<p> single line wrap, but there are extra empty lines

<pr> single line wrapping, and less blank line than <p>

<script> Dual Script

Type=text script language type, such as "VBScript"
<select> Double-Define a drop-down list and a scrolling list

Multipe allows you to select one or more <option>
Name=text Selected <option> number
Size=number "1" and no multipe is displayed as a drop-down list
<sub> Double Subscript

<sup> Double Superscript

<table> double determine the whole story of a table

Align=left Right Center table is located on the page and defaults to
backcolor= "RRGGBB" Table background color
Border=number Table Boundary Thickness
Cellspacing=number frame thickness between table cells
Cellspadding=number the distance between the cell boundary and the content
Height=number or% Specifies table height, per pixel, or percentage of browser page height
Width=number or% Specifies the table width, in pixels, or as a percentage of the browser page width
Hspace=number a space in a aligned table, in pixels
Vspace=number leave a space on either side of the alignment table, in pixels
Form submits a table as a form, and various forms can exist in the table as cell contents
<td> Double define a cell

Align=left Right Center text relative to cell alignment
The image in the Background=url unit lattice
backcolor= "RRGGBB" Table background color
Alspan=number the number of columns that the cell spans, default to 1
Rowspan=number the number of rows spanned by the cell, defaults to 1

Loop=0 when static, 1 o'clock for dynamic
<marquee> when static, internal available <font> and <nobr>

Scrolldelay=number Click on the blank bar, each scrolling distance, per pixel
Scrollamount=number Click the Direction key, each scrolling distance, unit pixel
<marquee> when dynamic, the interior can no longer be decorated (including <nobr>)

Scrolldelay=number time interval per scroll, in milliseconds
Scrollamount=number Adjust text scrolling speed, unit character
Behavior=scroll one-way scrolling
=alternate bidirectional scrolling
Bgcolor= "RRGGBB" scrolling text background color
Color= "RRGGBB" scrolling text color
Loop=1 defaults to 1
Direction=left from right to left
=right from left to right
=up from the bottom up
=down from top to bottom
Tables, plug-ins, scripts belong only to <body>, and scripts are best not to
<media> belong to <body> only
Links and unused links used in Web pages are specified by the browser
Other spaces in the Web page are valid except for the omission of spaces between tags inside the label
Label internal attribute value if space is required, replace with #3
"<" in the Web page instead of ">" with a
Double quotation marks in property values can be inserted in single quotes

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