HTTP Common exception Status and Delphi Idhttp Control processing method

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200: Request succeeded

202: The request is accepted, but the processing has not been completed

302: The requested resource is temporarily saved at a different URL processing mode: Redirect to the temporary URL (idhttp processing: idhttp.handleredirects: = True;)

404: URL processing not found: Verify that the page is correct

415: Request Format problem processing mode: Set Content-type (idhttp processing: Set IdHTTP.Request.CustomHeaders.Values)

500: The server internal error server encountered an unexpected condition that caused it to be unable to complete the processing of the request. In general, this problem occurs when the source code on the server side is wrong.

Processing method: Confirm the submitted message is correct (the general possible message format, or parameter format is abnormal, WebService interface is more common)

501: The server does not recognize that the server does not support a feature that is required for the current request. When the server does not recognize the requested method and cannot support its request for any resource.

502: The error gateway receives an invalid response from the upstream server when it tries to execute the request as a gateway or as a proxy working server.

503: Service error The server is currently unable to process the request due to temporary server maintenance or overloading. This situation is temporary and will be resumed after a certain period of time.

HTTP Common exception Status and Delphi Idhttp Control processing method

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