HTTP debugging Tools for IE browsers and Firefox

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1, Fiddler

Fiddler is a free proxy for recording host HTTP (S) communications, has a rich user interface, supports monitoring requests and responses, sets breakpoints, and modifies input and output data. This tool makes it easy to monitor information about each request, including the request header, the response header, and dynamically modify the information for each request. This tool is designed to monitor all HTTP requests in the system, not just for IE.

Can download the latest version from here: Http://, there is time later on the tool for specific instructions, I generally use it to analyze the request of IE processing.

2, Tamper

Tamper is Firefox under the HTTP request listening and debugging tools, functions and fiddler almost, but more convenient to use than Fiddler, after all, is under the expansion of Firefox. Similarly, the request can be intercepted, modify the request header and request parameters and other information, facilitate the program debugging and problem monitoring. Can download from here:

It is hoped that these tools can help us to effectively improve the development efficiency and development quality.

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