IE browser icon appears without add-ins what to do?

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While we use the computer to enjoy the fast and convenient service, we will also encounter some problems for various reasons. Because we are not learning computer professional, some too complex problem-solving methods for us do not apply, so we especially need some small skills, not too complex easy to operate small methods.

1, the author recently encountered such a problem. When browsing a Web page unknowingly ie home was tampered with, how to recover also not come over. Had to use 360 guardian of IE repair, but not too clear how to use, the results of the desktop on IE icon has not. Search the Internet for a way to get started-the attachment-ie icon, right click to send to the desktop. However, the problem is not resolved, ie icon shows no add-ins, set the home page to close and then open, or no add-ins, can not normally browse the Web page.

2, later the author on the online search how to solve this problem, but the method is too cumbersome, not practical. Later I stumbled on an easy way to share with you. is the IE icon (no add-in) on the right click, then point Properties, and then point to find the target, which opened the C disk, which has an IE icon, right click, sent to the desktop, and then remove the icon without add-ins. This method is very easy to use, is completely put IE browser back to the previous state, can be used normally. Of course, there are a lot of friends for other reasons, IE browser has no add-ins, you can use this method to try.

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