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"This tab has been restored" when browsing some Web sites with IE8. Open Baidu, Sina and other sites are normal, but open Phoenix and Sohu, or click on the site after a certain hyperlink will be the problem, access to the page of the IE tab is always restarted, constantly show "This tab has been fixed, the problem on this page caused the Internet Explorer closes and reopen the prompt for this tab, causing IE to never access the page. And with IE Core browser to open Phoenix and Sohu is normal, computer installation anti-virus software, operating system is Windows XP SP3, how should we solve the problem?

When encountering this kind of phenomenon, most of the time is some of the Web site's information and IE browser compatibility problems. At this point, you only need to select the Tools menu → compatibility view settings command in IE8 or IE9. Add the site that has the problem open to the list of compatibility views. In the Compatibility View Settings window that appears, select the show intrannet site in Compatibility View check box.

IE8 the "This tab has been recovered" workaround

Then, reopen the problematic site and try again.

If there is a problem opening the site following the above method, we continue to try to close the SmartScreen filter in IE8.

Open IE8, choose Tools menu → Internet options → security → select Internet → custom level, find "Use SmartScreen filter", then select Disable, and then confirm that after you restart IE browser, In most cases, you can access the site normally.

In fact, this problem in the win XP + IE8 environment is easy to appear, relatively speaking, Win 7 + IE9 environment appears less likely.

In addition, the recurring "This tab has been repaired" prompt information is not necessarily caused by compatibility and SmartScreen filters. When a computer is poisoned or some incorrect add-in is installed, the prompt for this tab has been repaired may also appear when you visit a specific Web site.

We can try to start IE browser without add-on mode to see if it is caused by an add-in problem.

Click start → all programs → accessories → system tools → Internet Explorer (no Add-ins), open IE no load mode to see if the problem is resolved.

If you open IE8 without add-ins to solve the problem, this can be a problem caused by an add-in, and continue with the following steps to troubleshoot the add-in.

Open IE8, select Tools menu → manage add-ins, open the Manage add-in, click Toolbars and extensions on the left, and then disable the test by one of the add-ons in the right list until you find the problematic add-in.

If the problem is not resolved, reset the operation on the IE8.

Open IE8, select the Tools menu → "internet Options" → "advanced" → "reset" → There is a small window pop-up, there is an option is "remove personalization", tick → reset, reset operation completed in the restart IE8 on it.

If the problem persists after performing all of the above, please temporarily turn off all background monitoring programs that may interfere with IE, such as antivirus software and Computer Management software.

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