Illustration tips to effectively control the volume of PPT files

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Finally made a PPT courseware, but because the inserted too many pictures, that file incredibly have a few trillion! How to make the courseware smaller? Here are some experiences

There are generally three types of pictures in PowerPoint that are bmp,jpg,gif in BMP format in these formats, but the capacity is often several times to dozens of times times the size of the other two formats.

GIF format of the picture is more distorted, and JPG format picture is not only a high fidelity, but also the capacity of BMP-formatted picture is much smaller. Therefore, in the courseware production, the reference picture is best to use JPG format, if you choose the picture is other format, you can through some graphics editing software conversion, such as ACDSee

We refer to the picture in the courseware there are two ways: one is to select the menu "Insert → picture → from file" Open the Insert Picture dialog box selected, the picture file to insert, click "Insert" can be.

The other is to open a picture file in a software, select and copy it, and paste it into PowerPoint. Although the quality of the inserted picture is the same, after the comparison found that the courseware capacity after inserting the picture with the previous method is smaller than the "insert Picture" after the latter method. So it's best to insert the picture in the first way.

After giving the picture to lose weight, the courseware is much slimmer.

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