Implement automatic completion and function list of asp (VBScript) in EditPlus

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EditPlus is my most commonly used ASP/HTML/CSS development tool.
However, it only supports the automatic completion and Function List of C/C ++ systems, and does not have the built-in asp (VBScript) functions. To facilitate work, I simply implemented these two functions by imitating the original configuration file.
Create an asp. acp file first.
; EditPlus Auto-completion file v1.0 written by Snowalk. HD.
; This file is provided as a default auto-completion file for ASP/VBScript/VB.
# CASE = n
# T = If
If ^! Then
End If
# T = While
While ^!
# T =
For ^ !, ,
# T = Select
Select Case ^!
End Select
# T = Do
Do While
# T = Class
Class ^!
End Class
# T = Function
Function ^!
End Function
# T = Sub
Sub ^!
End Sub

Edit> Preferences> Files> Setting & syntax
Select HTML in File types on the right
In Auto completion in the lower right, enter the path where asp. acp is located, and Asp (VB) can be automatically completed.
For the Function list Function, write the following regular expression in Function pattern.
^ [] * (Public | private )? (Sub | function | property | class) []. *
If you want to quickly locate a large number of functions and process asp files based on the function or process name like vb6, press Ctrl + F11 to bring up the function list dialog box.

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