Implement synchronous Upload of images and text using pure asp code

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I saw an article on the Internet, modified it and combined it with xml to achieve synchronous Upload of image text!
3 files in total: upload.htm, uploadtext. asp, uploadimg. asp
Create an access database named text. mdb and a table named imgtable
The fields include text1 and img, and an incremental id field.
The code is as follows:
<Title> synchronous Upload of image text </title>
<Meta name = "dongbao" content = "text/html; charset = gb2312" http-e
Quiv = "Content-Type">
<Script language = "javascript">
<! -- Hide me
Function upload ()
Var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XmlHttp ");
Var textcontent = "<textcontent> <name>" + document. formtext. name. va
Lue + "</name> </textcontent> ";
Xmlhttp. Open ("POST", "uploadtext. asp", false );
Xmlhttp. Send (textcontent );
Return true;
// Show me -->
<Form action = "uploadimg. asp" enctype = "multipart/form-data" method
= "Post" onsubmit = "return upload ();">
<Input name = "picture" type = "file"/>
<Input type = "submit"/>
<Form name = "formtext">
<Input name = "name"/>
Showpicture. asp:
<% @ Language = VBScript %>
Set conn = server. CreateObject ("adodb. connection ")
Dbpath = server. MapPath ("test. mdb ")
Conn. Open "driver = {Microsoft Access Driver (*. mdb)}; dbq =" & dbpath
Set xmldom = server. CreateObject ("Microsoft. XmlDom ")
Xmldom. load (request)
Name = xmldom. selectsinglenode ("// name"). text
SQL = "insert into imgtable (text1) values ('" & name &"')"
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