Inspection and elimination of CPU faults

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The processor is one of the most important parts of a PC computer, and the processing of various data is done by CPU processor. If a computer is compared to a human body, then CPU processor can be regarded as the human brain, control the whole machine parts of the phase to coordinate operation. Due to the high integration of CPU processor, so its reliability is very strong, the correct use of computers in the case of the CPU processor damage to burn the probability is not very high, but also can not exclude man-made causes of the CPU processor damage, burning and so on. Especially in the installation process and overclocking use of the case, very easy to cause CPU damage burned, to our use brought a lot of trouble.

Under normal circumstances, the failure of the CPU processor after the fault is very easy to judge. When the CPU processor is damaged, the most direct fault is that the computer does not boot properly, press the chassis power button after the machine without any reflection, chassis horn No tweet, monitor no signal. If the above phenomenon occurs, it is basically possible to conclude that the processor is having a problem.

So what do we need to pay attention to when installing the CPU? After the CPU processor has failed, which aspects should we check the troubleshooting? In general, we can follow the following steps to judge and exclude.

The first thing to note about the installation process is:

First, check the CPU processor is installed in place

The current processor slot design is very standard, the motherboard uses what kind of chip to decide what type of processor to install, high School low-end division is clear, especially the AMD processor division is finer.

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