Install apache2.2.22 configuration php5.4 (Specific procedure)

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Modify apache2.2/httpd.conf configuration file so that Apache can parse PHP files

Listen 8011

LoadModule php5_module "E:/lamp/php5.4/php5apache2_2.dll"

#修改服务器网站目录为 e:/lamp/www
DocumentRoot "E:/lamp/www"
<directory "E:/lamp/www" >

#在 <ifmodule dir_module> inside the index.html before adding index.php, that is, the default first to open index.php, if not to open again index.html
<ifmodule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

#添加可执行的文件在 AddType application/x-gzip gz. tgz Add the following two words
AddType application/x-httpd-php. php. phtml
Phpinidir "e:/lamp/php5.4"

modifying php5.4/php.ini-production configuration Files
First rename the Php.ini-production file to PHP.ini

; set PHP's extension library path, find; Extension_dir = "ext", add the following sentence below
Extension_dir = "E:/lamp/php5.4/ext"

; Open the PHP extension library
; Extension=php_gd2.dll
; Extension=php_mbstring.dll
; Extension=php_mysql.dll
; Extension=php_mysqli.dll
Remove the semicolon before the four sentences above

Set the session temporary save path, find; Session.save_path = "/tmp", add the following sentence below (path can be set freely)
Session.save_path = "E:/lamp/php5.4/session_temp"

; The same cookie temporarily saves the path
Session.cookie_path = "E:/lamp/php5.4/session_temp"

After the configuration is complete, the E:lampphp5.4ext directory
Php_mysql.dll and Php_mysqli.dll
Two files are copied and pasted into the "C:windowssystem32" directory,
If your operating system is win7x64 bit, copy and paste it into the "c:windowssyswow64" directory.

OK, now reboot your Apache and see if it's going to work.
Test run phpMyAdmin and see if you can run. If it works, it's done.

Note: The MySQL installation method is not available here. Before the installation of MySQL, their own other Baidu go.

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