Installation of C1 and PhoneGap

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First, the official website installs the procedure (

To Install, ensure, which has NodeJS installed, then open your command-line and run the following:
$ sudo npm install-g phonegap
Once installation completes, you can invoke PhoneGap on command line for further help.

$ phonegap Create My-app
$ CD My-app
$ phonegap Run Android
Learn more at

Second, supplementary

1, Nodejs installation, (

2, the use of NPM failure, the solution is as follows (reference and acknowledgement:

Image use Method (three ways any one can solve the problem, we recommend the use of a third, the configuration is dead, the next time the configuration is still in):

1. Through the config command

npm config set registry

     npm info underscore (如果上面配置正确这个命令会有字符串response)

2. Command line designation

    npm --registry info underscore 

3. Edit ~/.npmrc Add to the content below

    registry =

Search Image: Https://

To create or use an image, refer to:

Third, the application of PhoneGap on the iOS platform

    1. $ Cordova Create Hello Com.example.hello "HelloWorld"
    2. $ cd Hello
    3. $ Cordova Platform Add iOS
    4. $ Cordova Prepare # or "Cordova Build"

The website link is:

Iv. Examples of use within iOS projects
#import<Cordova/CDVViewController.h>Cdvviewcontroller* Viewcontroller = [CdvviewcontrollerNew]; Viewcontroller.wwwfoldername=@"MyFolder"; Viewcontroller.startpage=@"mystartpage.html"; Viewcontroller.usesplashscreen=YES; ViewController.view.frame= CGRectMake (0,0, the,480); [MyView AddSubview:viewController.view]; 
References and acknowledgements:

Installation of C1 and PhoneGap

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