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When I was in school, I was just beginning to contact with the interaction design of the loss and pain. Now people in the workplace, want to share some from the beginning of learning interaction experience to everyone, hoping to help some students less detours. In combination with the current DotA game, simply rough talk about some personal views, welcome to discuss together.

You may wish to take the role of hero in Dota/lol, and walk a journey of "Super God".

1. Role

Clear positioning, perfection

Game, there are main output, there are auxiliary soy sauce hero positioning. But you can not be in the same position, play the main force to do auxiliary.

The process of product design will be more clear role points, there is a preliminary use of research, the structure of the interaction, the latter visual, front-end development. But in the school study, these role's task we all relate. So many times the students will not know their own positioning, not knowing whether it is interactive or visual. It's hard to be fine with everything. So in the process of learning, no matter what work, always put emphasis on the interactive design, can not put their own positioning blurred.

2. Equipment

Software hardware, two-pronged

We all know that the game inside the equipment to crush the other side, basically the victory has been decided.

This is not to have a full set of Apple armed, of course, to understand some of the current equipment, such as wearable equipment. Can pay more attention to some geek website, see High-tech Electronic products, after all, these products on the interactive way are the forefront.

In addition to the hardware part, is the software. The software here is more of its own ability, not just to master a few computer software. Also included are hand-drawn ability, language organization ability, thinking ability, Interaction theory knowledge, English ability, and study work precipitation inductive ability and so on.

3. Development

Give practice, Gongwubuke

When you choose a hero, you need to develop a hero to be able to fight.

How to grow quickly to learn something, enterprise Project internship is very important. At that time I was more fortunate in school, have the opportunity to get Samsung, Tencent, and other companies internship program. Growing up in communication with business colleagues, and learning a lot more practical things outside of the classroom, rather than simply for a few credits. Many students will say that there is no such internship opportunities to do, in fact, some small companies can better exercise your comprehensive ability. Especially some internet incubator companies. I've been to a team before and there are a lot of things that you can learn about the interaction design in the whole process of the product and how the process works. It is recommended that you go to the "street network" to release their resume information, to seek opportunities for learning.

4. The team

Unity, victory in sight

In the game, the team's cooperation is very important, the single fight is not workable.

In interactive design, no matter how powerful your ability is, it is not done by one person alone. Even if the completion is not complete. Do it yourself, do not communicate with others, this is the big taboo of interaction. More often than not, we are looking for a common environment to learn and grow, to share with others, to elaborate on your ideas and to integrate into the team. In order to ensure the integrality of the final output of the interaction, we should cooperate with each other in the form of group. You can also invite your mentor, senior School sister, the predecessor of the Enterprise as a guide, to play the team's strength.

5. Tactical

To be a strategist, to triumph over supernatural

If you have the above four points, if there is no good tactics, the game may be failed, the other side.

Interaction inside the tactics, more is required to be able to comb out the design requirements in the first time, refining the scheme. and the ability to make decisions across a product project. As an interactive designer, you should respond to demand with agility and make decisions about where the product will go when necessary. This need to have a certain experience, of course, in peacetime work to learn to have this awareness, think more, if you encounter this situation, you will make decisions.

When the above conditions are available, the rest is to practise hard. Can practice brings strength!

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