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Recently read a lot of interactive design books, only "About Face 3" left the deepest impression (although the Chinese version of the typesetting is not very friendly), read the first time did not take notes, but to think that the important part of the mark, is now reading the second time, and in the focus of finishing, hope that after the completion can be shared with you.

The individual thinks that reading (esp the knowledge book) without thinking is a taboo, understanding is not deep and easy to forget. Thinking is a process of critique and re-creation that facilitates the formation of a knowledge system. Here are some thoughts on user experience design after I experienced Win8 and Win7, for everyone to criticize:

1 Reduce concepts and enhance user confidence

Are new concepts introduced? Why? Is it really necessary?

Remove these new concepts in half, and then remove them in half of the possible range.

Can the new concepts that are eventually added be consistent?

2 details determine user experience

Rich function is not equal to the experience of excellence, users like simple and easy-to-use design.

Deeply imitate the user's use environment, and repeatedly experience the user's task line, so as to determine the need to solve the details of the problem.

Users don't care if the algorithm is sophisticated, they just want to do it quickly.

The name and location of a label may be more useful than a complex and advanced algorithm.

3 looks and uses up

The user's first glance often determines whether he will continue to use it.

Let the user understand: What is, what can be done, how to do, whether has been done. Once the user has started, never let him think about why.

Don't let the user try to find it, but provide it directly.

4 Ensure the user's stream is not interrupted

Remove the unwanted features and distractions from the task route without hesitation.

5 never question the user

The user's action must be justified, the implementation can be.

Instead of questioning the dialog box, it is instant feedback and a free undo.

6 User-centric default settings, and supports personalization

Users are not set up and can be used immediately under the default settings.

Provide a variety of modes to meet different people.

Users can personalize the settings according to their own needs and habits.

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