interface and data separation how do?

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1, the interface and data separation, must be reflected in the code, interface code to interface code, data code to data code, the two must be separate.

2, when the interface requirements change, only need to rewrite the interface code, and the rewritten code does not affect the data access code.

Only by doing the two is the interface and data separation. Leaves-chai students Let me on the code, while not very busy today, wrote down the following code:

    DOCTYPE html> <html lang= "en" > <head> <meta charset= "Utf-8"/> <title></title>  <script src= "Http://" ></script> <script> $ (function ()
                {var Countries = function () {} Countries.prototype = {_items: [],
                       _getdata:function (Success) {var items = [{id:0, Name: ' China '},
                    {id:1, Name: ' Japan '}, {id:2, Name: ' United States '}];
                    $.extend (this._items, items);
                Success (items); },//events on_selected: $. Callbacks (), on_inserted: $.
                    Callbacks (),//methods select:function () {var self = this;
                     This._getdata (function (items) { ({sender:self, items:items
                    }, Insert:function (item) {var self = this;
                    This._items.push (item);
       ({sender:self, item:item}); }
            The following is the interface code, when to adjust the interface, change here on the line ~ ~ ~ ~ var countries = new countries (); Countries.on_selected.add (function (args) {$ (args.items). each (function () {$ (' #count
                Ries '). Append ($ (' <option> '). attr (' value ', Text (;
            }); Countries.on_inserted.add (function (args) {$ (' #countries '). Append ($ (' <option selected= ' selected ' > ') . attr (' value ', TeXT (;
            var id = 10;
            $ (' #btnAdd '). Click (function () {Countries.insert ({id: ++id, Name: $ (' #countryName '). Val ()});
        }); </script> </head> <body> <select id= "Countries" ></select> <div> <in Put id= "CountryName"/><button id= "Btnadd" > Add </button> </div> </body> </html>

The code can be run directly by copy, and the interface is shown below:

The above code, really do the interface and data separation:

1, in the data access code, there is no one line involving the UI, if there is a row, even if the line involved, can not be regarded as the interface and data separation. (Simply put, data access code, not dependent on the UI)

2, when the interface requirements change, as long as the interface to modify the code on it.

3, the data access code will change? In general, this is rarely changed (compared to the interface). If this changes, you need to modify the data access code, the changes do not affect the interface code.

About the code, I do not explain, I believe that a little basic students can read

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