Introduction to shading features within Photoshop layer styles

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  In this article we'll look at the inner shadows in the Photoshop layer style, which explains the settings and effects of the various options for the inner shadow, which is helpful for PS beginners to understand the PS layer style.

There appears to be a transparent layer (black) above the layer with the "inside Shadow" added, and the blending mode is a multiply (Multiply), opacity 75%.

Many of the options and projections for the inner shadow are the same, and are simply described here. The previous projection effect can be understood as the effect of a light source on the plane object, while the "inner shadow" can be understood as the effect of the light source irradiation on the sphere.

* Blending mode (Blend mode)

* Color settings

* Opacity (Opacity)

* Angle (Angle)

* Distance (Distance)

* Blocking (choke)

* Sizes (size)

* Contour (Contour)

Blending mode (Blend mode)

The default setting is to multiply (Multiply), and usually does not need to be modified.

Color settings

Set the color of the shadow

Opacity (Opacity)

The default value is 75%, which can be modified according to your own needs.

Angle (Angle)

Adjusts the direction of the inner Shadow, which is the opposite direction to the light source, where the pointer in the circle points to the direction of the shadow, and the principle is the same as the "projection".

Distance (Distance)

Used to set the offset distance of the shadow within the object, the larger the value, the greater the deviation of the light source, and the offset direction is determined by the angle (if the offset is too large, the effect will be distorted). In the following effect, the "distance" value of the above image is set to a lesser size, so that the light source appears to be just above the sphere, and the distance value of the following image is set to a large size, and the light source appears to be offset to the lower right corner.


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