Introduction to the difference between a wireless router and a wired router

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The biggest difference between a wireless router and a wired router is the way it connects to the computer, and other aspects of the function are the same, and not much different. To use a wired router to access the Internet, you must use a network cable to connect. Wired routers are only suitable for devices with cable connections, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets cannot be connected to the Internet via a wired router.

But the wireless router is not the same, as long as the first through the network cable Connection and configuration of wireless network (Wi-Fi), in the later use of the process, notebook computers, mobile phones and other mobile terminals, you can connect through the wireless way to the Internet. For devices that do not have a wireless network card, you can also connect a wireless router to the Internet via a network cable, or you can say that a wireless router adds a wireless signal launch function on the basis of a wired router.

Of course, through the wireless connection to the Internet, its performance and stability can not catch up with the use of cable connection effect, because the wireless signal transmission range is limited, and wireless signal will be blocked by obstacles, only in a small range of use. Because now the home wireless router has the function of wired connection, so we recommend that you buy wireless router, wired connection and wireless connection two ways can be used, according to their own environment, equipment characteristics to choose the way to connect to the Internet.

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