Introduction to the type of JavaScript object

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There are two ways to create an instance of an object. The first is to use the new operator followed by the object constructor, as follows:

The code is as follows:
var person = new Object (); = "ZXJ";
Person.age = 25;

Another way is to use an object literal notation. Object literals are a shorthand form of object definitions to simplify the process of creating objects that create a large number of properties. The code looks like this:

The code is as follows:
Object literal Amount
var person = {
Name: "Zxj",

Object constructors are not actually invoked when objects are defined through object literals.

In general, the use of point notation when accessing object properties, but in JavaScript you can also use the square brackets notation to access the object's properties. When you use the bracket syntax, you should place the property you want to access in square brackets as a string, as follows:

The code is as follows:
Alert (person["name"])//ZXJ
Alert (

The functionality is no different, but the main advantage of the bracket syntax is that you can access the property through a variable:

The code is as follows:
var propertyname= "name";
Alert (Person[propertyname]); Zxj

You can also use square brackets notation if the property name contains characters that cause syntax errors, or if the property name uses a keyword or reserved word, for example:

The code is as follows:
person[' name ' = ' ZXJ ';

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