Java First Experiment Report--java development environment familiarity

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Beijing Institute of Electronic Technology (BESTI)

Lab Report

Course Name: Java Programming Experiment class: 1352 Name: Hong Military Study No.: 20135219

Score: Instructor: Lou Jia Peng Experimental Date: 2015.04.14

Experiment level: Preview degree: Experiment time:

Instrument Group: Compulsory/Elective: Elective experiment number: 01

Lab Name: familiarity with the Java development environment

Experimental purposes and requirements:1. Compile with JDK and run a simple Java program.

2. Edit, compile, run, and debug Java programs using Eclipse.

                                     ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                                  &NBS P;

                                     ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                                  &NBS P;

Experimental instrument:

Name Model Number
Pc Mac 1

Experimental steps:

Write the code at the command line and compile the run:

1. Open the terminal and enter CD Code,mkdir 20135219 to set up the experiment directory.

2. Enter Gedit, edit as follows:

3. Enter javac-d. Compile the code and enter Java Ph. Hello run the program, the result is as follows:

Second: Under Eclipse Java program development, debugging:

1. On the command line, enter Eclipse command to open Eclipse.

2. New project, package, class

3. Enter the code and run the results as follows:

4. Open the Debug view via Windows->open Perspective->debug, as shown in

5. Set breakpoints for debugging with the following results:

Third, Exercise:

5. The solid line 1-n the function of all prime numbers between the integers and is tested.

Code and running results:

Four, PSP statistics:

Steps Take Percentage
Demand analysis 2min 10%
Design 3min 14%
Code implementation 5min 24%
Test 3min 14%
Analysis Summary 8min 38%

V. Problems encountered and solutions:

1. Problems encountered:

Error during code completion first run

2. Workaround:

Through the error prompt and the code check repeatedly, found that the file name is different from the class name, the other is a spelling error, after correcting the code can run normally.

3. Analysis and Summary:

In the future study and practice, should pay attention to the details of the problem, while mastering the use of Eclipse Debugging program methods.

Java First Experiment Report--java development environment familiarity

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