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During the development process, you may encounter problems in ASP/ASP. net calls the classes written in JAVA to implement functions previously implemented in JAVA. The following is a simple example to illustrate the detailed usage:
1. Create a java file:
Use any editor you like to edit the following content:
Public class hello
Public String helloWorld (String s)
If (s = null)
Return "";
Return s;
Save this file as hello. java
2. Compile the java file as a class:
Run in command mode: javac hello. java
3. Copy the compiled hello. class file to the c: winntjavarustlib directory.
4. Create the following file named test. asp:
Set javaObject = GetObject ("java: hello ")
Msg = javaObject. helloWorld ("Hello World ")
Set javaObject = nothing
Response. write msg
5. Test:
Create a virtual directory test in IIS and set test. copy the asp file to this virtual directory, restart IIS, and access http: // localhost/test in ie. asp. "Hellow World" is displayed on the page, indicating that the call is successful. can be used in the same way as ASP.
Note: In step 2, the 1.3.x compiler must be used for compiling. Although the compilation is normal in jdk 1.4, the No object for moniker error is displayed when I call asp/
6. If other jar packages are imported to the java file, you need to add these packages in step 3. copy the jar file to the c: winntjavapackages directory, and add the classpath variable in my computer --> properties --> advanced --> System variables, the value is the detailed path of the cited jar file, such as c: winntjavapackagesldapfilt. jar; c: winntjavapackagesldapjdk. jar; c: winntjavapackagesldapsp. jar ;. separated by semicolons and ended with decimal points
The test passed in both Chinese and English win2000 and winXP

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