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Almost all major web sites offer browsing image features, but to the user feel very different, some sites are good, but also have a website to browse pictures from this one to the next URL will change, obviously browsing is through get way through a request to achieve, this way, a sense of pause, the server request too frequently. But by using AJAX requests for a set of image data to be browsed and saving the results in an array, the effect is significantly different, and browsing the picture will be much smoother. Saving picture data in a JavaScript array offers a lot of benefits. One, based on the image display effect of the array 1, slide effect 2, product index effect 3, special advertising effect
Second, the product index effect is not complete sample code (in this case only the product index)
1, Product array
var product_v=new Array ();
var m=new Map ();
M.put ("ISFW", false);
M.put ("Sortnum", "0");
M.put ("normal", "0");
M.put ("Iswm", false);
M.put ("Jgms", "price");
M.put ("Good", "0");
M.put ("qy_id", "stone");
M.put ("id", "50");
M.put ("Iszm", false);
M.put ("Height", "480");
M.put ("Grade", "1");
M.put ("Iscz", false);
M.put ("ISLs", true);
M.put ("QYMC", "Chinese odd stone");
M.put ("width", "640");
M.put ("Uptime", "2011-09-25 12:06:52.0");
M.put ("label_id", "3307");
M.put ("label", "Platypus");
M.put ("unit", "piece");
M.put ("num", "1");
M.put ("Cplabel", "Yangtze Stone");
M.put ("filename", "1316923598012.jpg");
M.put ("Numprice", "0");
Product_v.push (m);
2. Implementation method
function _loadcpsy (uid,list,pwidth) {
var cols=6;
var rows=3;
var scalewidth=parseint (parseint (pWidth-8)/cols)-12);
var scaleheight=scalewidth;
var html= "";
var galleryuid=uid+ "Gallery";
var p=new pageobj ({//Group object
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