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/********************************************************************* * JavaScript HTML handlebars Template * Description: * Recently in tossing PHP found that JavaScript can handle things far more than what they are currently dealing with, * found there is a JavaScript HTML framework, so on GitHub with JSON as a configuration, you can freely * combine static site. * * 2017-8-24 Shenzhen Longhua gen Zengjianfeng ************************************************************* *******/First, reference documents:1. TopTenTemplating Engines forJavaScript to Improve and simplify Your Workflow .    2. Handlebars    3. Handlebars Getting Started, the approximate use of the method:1. Variable placeholder: {{variable-name}}<divclass="entry"> <h1>{{title}}</h1> <divclass="Body">{{body}}</div> </div>2. Place template in <script>tag, it feels like a good way to do this when the page is first rendered:<script id="entry-template"Type="text/x-handlebars-template"> <divclass="entry"> <h1>{{title}}</h1> <divclass="Body">{{body}}</div> </div> </script>3. Compile the Template:varSource = $ ("#entry-template"). html (); varTemplate =handlebars.compile (source);    $ (body). HTML (HTML); 4. HTML escape Character: use {{}} to replace escape characters in HTML, which can be avoided by using {{{}}};5. Template comments:<divclass="entry">          {{!--only output author nameifAn author exists--}}          {{#ifAuthor}} <h1>{{author.firstname}} {{author.lastname}}</h1>          {{/if}}        </div>

JavaScript HTML Handlebars Template

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