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Sometimes we need to get the URL of the current Web page, so that we can judge, generally we are through location.href to get

JS get URL link string: location.href can intercept it to obtain the transmitted parameters, commonly used as follows: Location.href.indexOf ("?") ------Get it?    The index value.    Note: The location.href here is not the address in the Address bar now, but the actual address of the page.    In addition, some of the digression: C # to get the location of the index of characters, but also with indexof to get. Getting an index in SQL Server is different: the first: SELECT * from Dbo.users where CharIndex (' 2 ', mainsubjects) >0 the second: SELECT * FROM dbo.  The users where PatIndex ('%2% ', mainsubjects) >0 code is as follows: if (Location.href.indexOf ("http://www.jb51.net/codes/") >-1) {  Alert (' OK '); }
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