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Haha, I finally bought k5iis and 50-135/f2.8 lenses for a total of 13000. Then I bought a UV mirror for two hundred bucks and went home!

Shooting a child at night, the effect is really good. The dark focus is indeed better than my epl1. I don't know where to go. Is there any flagship ox B like Nikon or canon, such as d7000 or 7D, I have never actually used it, and I have never used it in this low light. I wonder if I can exceed these two models. But it seems better than 60d. I remember that during the daytime, when I used 60d from Jiahui's house to take a child, the effect was not very good. It was not very clear to enlarge the photo. I think there are two reasons for this: the focus of 60d itself is inferior to that of k5iis, and its 18-is much worse than that of da535. If he uses the Canon mirror, it is estimated that it is not bad.

Indeed, as a blog says, Photography enthusiasts must experience large aperture lenses.

As for the image quality, it is better to remove the low-pass than the ordinary APSC, but not much. It is not a grade with the dp1m or dp2m of the horse, or sd1m.

By the way, my summary:

Premise: let alone people,

Picture quality depends on the bottom (photosensitive element)-the picture is placed 100% clear, which is related to the bottom. The larger the bottom, the clearer the picture. It has nothing to do with the number of pixels, but it has something to do with the lens, that's 10%. Note: The bottom X3 is an exception.

The beauty of a photo depends on the lens. The beauty of the photo is related to the lens and the image. The impact of the former is 60%, while that of the latter is 30%. The rest is affected by other camera functions, such as filters, such as color guesses.AlgorithmAnd so on.

On the Internet forum, a bunch of people are making a quarrel about the effect of pictures on image quality. I think it's a bunch of dummies. If you want to buy a camera, please refer to the above two laws. I am responsible for any mistakes!

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