Kaspersky tips: Prohibit malicious programs from modifying IE7 search box

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Recently in the use of IE7 search box for Google search found that the search box has been modified, will first enter the http://cache.lianmeng.com/googlego.php? Sid = *** and http://so.265gg.com/g_new.php? Cl... meng & c = 265gg.com & l = ****** and then jump to the google page, which is obviously modified by malicious programs, we want to use our computers to earn advertising fees.

If you are using IE7, your search may be modified by malicious programs. You may use Kaspersky 2009 to prevent malicious programs from modifying the IE7 search box as follows.

First, delete all search items in the IE search box and add them again.

Go to Kaspersky: settings --- protection --- system security --- application filtering --- settings, go to the "Resources" tab, and click "add" on the left of "confidential data --- program settings --- Internet browser ", add a resource group, for example, "forbidden to modify IE items ".

Click "add" on the right side to add two registry keys:

Key: * \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ SearchScopes

Value :*

Key: * \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ SearchScopes \*

Value :*

Save the preceding settings, go to the "Applications" tab of Rule settings, select "low limit group", and click "edit" to set the files and system registry rules for the low limit group, disable the "write", "delete", and "CREATE" permissions of the added Resource Group. Save the settings and click OK!


PS: It's not so easy to despise rogue software, to despise some Chinese software, or to repackage and add rogue programs on the dout download site!

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