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  Keyboard blind Practice software which is the best blind to play software list recommended

Blind definition: A blind call is when you are typing on a computer without looking at the keyboard. Blind Play is the basic requirements of typists, to have a certain type of speed, must learn to blind. The blind call requires the type of person who has a good positioning ability for the keyboard.

Jinshan Typing Pass

Jinshan Typing is designed for the Internet beginners to develop typing practice software, help users from scratch to become a master of typing, Jinshan typing through the 2013 version to enable the stylish refreshing software interface, the use of more convenient, more efficient typing.

Jinshan Typing 2013 version can be practiced in English, pinyin, Wubi and many other input methods, like that year, Jinshan typing pass with the typing game is the only students in the school room can contact the game, entertaining, everyone in play when naturally familiar with the keys, improve the typing speed, Can say Jinshan typing is the best companion to learn typing!

Keyboard Blind Play Practice

Now in the 21st century, the network has almost flooded every corner of the world. In order not to fall behind this era, more and more people have started to dabble in the network. At this time, have a skilled typing technology will become an urgent need to master the lessons. And this set of keyboard key exercises, all character exercises, finger position display and character case differences between the practice of keyboard blind practice software will become the right-hand man's assistant. "Keyboard Blind Practice" with live voice, Wubi, background music and error tips and other functions, especially for children and computer beginners typing skills training (character case can effectively distinguish between English alphabet and Hanyu Pinyin).

Starling Wubi Typist

"Wubi Typist" The interface is beautiful, the use is simple, the function is complete, is the best use of typing teaching software! Standard fingering animation teaching, to help you from the beginning to master the most correct fingering, improve your life typing speed.

Rapidtyping Typing Tutor

is a free typing tool that can be used to practice professional typing. It has a beautiful interface, is simple to use, can support multiple users, and can provide analysis and statistical functions as well as small games. It does not need to be installed, can be used directly, is a green software.

Chinese rule three key blind version

Three key Chinese rules blind version is completely free no malicious plug-ins, better than the general software with three-key blind dozen, wubi, pinyin, 8 kinds of input! With three key blind dozen only one or two strokes, three or four pens, at the end of 2 strokes, can only press the space on the screen, no one coincident, fast super Wubi! Use Pinyin to play super large character set tens of thousands of Chinese characters, can play uncommon characters General antiseptic word! Typing and playing words rarely turn the page! With three key input, only the first code to play Chinese characters, and the first 2 and the last 2 strokes, words are on the screen less than 2 keys!

Users can choose their own one of the input mode, choose the same 1 keyboard for their own key keys! Select "in with the full angle, 4 yards only 1 automatic on screen, heavy 1 Code space key on screen, heavy 2 yards; key, heavy 3 yards ' key on screen!" software can be any supplementary words, can be manually fm word order, see the installation of the information window in detail to help! Code standards, simple and efficient, learning to use almost no difficulties, no focus, no annotations, no exceptions, very regular!

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