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51 Long long vacation just past, the office workers put into a tense work. Modern white-collar work can not be separated from the network, but also inseparable from the browser, make good use of browser functions, to improve work efficiency, reduce the pressure will play a major role. The author below introduces a few 3 browser use skills, so that your browser to use high efficiency.

"Mouse gesture"

The first introduction of the author is a "addictive" function-mouse gestures. "Addictive" is because mouse gestures can fundamentally improve productivity, and once used mouse gestures will not tolerate other inefficient ways of doing things. Mouse gesture is not only an efficient function, but also an easy-to-use function, just move the mouse, you can have the browser to close the page, forward, back, refresh and other commands, but also through the customization to achieve more commands.

Proud of the mouse gesture specific implementation is to hold down the right mouse button, draw a trajectory, and then release the right button, different trajectories can perform different actions. For example, when you hold down the right button, draw an "L" with your mouse to close the current page. Unfamiliar friends in the upper right corner of the "menu-options-mouse gesture" to find the corresponding various commands trajectory.

Figure I

"Save pictures quickly"

Whether the editor collects news, or collects the information, saves the picture is the function which the on-line work often uses. Right click on the picture, select "Save as" tedious not to say, encountered page limit right key will not be used. In 3, you can quickly and unrestricted web page images by quickly saving the image function.

Proud Tour 3 browser Fast Save Picture function is very simple, hold down the "Ctrl" key, in the need to save the picture on the left mouse button, you can save the picture. The quick Save feature is turned on by default and allows the user to manage this feature in menu-Options-page settings in the upper-right corner.

Figure II

"RSS Reader"

On the Internet, a quick step can grasp the opportunity to use RSS Feed news is undoubtedly a good way to get information quickly. In the AO 3 browser, built-in RSS reader, with discovery, subscription, reading and other functions. By subscribing to news websites, professional blogs and other information channels, you can quickly get the latest information and ensure that you never "out".

When you use 3 browse to the Web page with RSS Feed, proud Tour 3 Address bar will be prompted to find RSS information, click the hint icon, you can subscribe. Proud Tour RSS reader can click on the Favorites bar on the RSS reader button to open.

Figure Three

"Quick Notepad"

Network information is very large and mixed, all in mind is impossible, even if the temporary need to record the message should be placed in a convenient access to the place before insurance. Proud Tour 3 Online Notepad is a simple recording tool that allows you to classify information and is the preferred tool for recording temporary information. Proud Tour 3 Online Notepad can be opened by clicking on the icon in the Favorites bar or by pressing the shortcut key "Ctrl+g".

Figure Four

If only a notepad is also not reflected in efficiency, AO 3 online notepad is the advantage of online synchronization, and with the browser tightly, you can choose from any text on the page sent to Notepad, and can record the source of the page selected text, so as not to forget.

Figure Five

"Split-screen Browsing mode"

With the popularity of widescreen, Web content on the screen occupy less and less area, more places to the useless blank background. In the AO 3 browser Press "F10", you will find the browser as a side-by-side two windows, you can open two Web pages to maximize the use of the widescreen. Compared with the operation of the switching label, the split-screen mode is not the same as the control content, or the efficiency of reprint and edit.

Here is a two-screen application tips: In search, you can directly in the results page to drag and drop the link to another screen open, so that the results can be continuous search, as a sidebar as convenient and easy to use.

Figure Six

The above introduction of AO 3 of the five to improve the efficiency of the skills, in practical applications, each person may encounter different situations, as long as flexible use, nature can play a multiplier effect.

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