LCD monitor What's the bad point?

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The LCD screen's bad point is also called a point absence, which refers to the LCD display Black-and-white and red, yellow, blue, the three primary colors displayed in the sub pixel point, each point is a sub-pixel.

The bright spot is one of the bad points. At present, there are two kinds of LCD bad spots: bright spots and dark spots. Highlight is when the background color of the LCD screen is full black color pixels, or background color in the whole red, full blue, green switch between the other color points. Because the bright spots emit different colors of light from other pixel points, they are more easily found. Dark Point is when the background color of the LCD screen is full white, the darker black spots appear. Regardless of the color of the screen, the dark dots do not glow, there is no color, so it is not easy to find. Usually the dark spots appear higher than the bright spot. We can use Displayx or monitors matter check screen and other testing software to detect the LCD panel is a bad point.

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