Learn PS blending techniques by decomposing imitation-A-po-color action

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For some time to always see some of the students who call themselves novice ask, how fast PS? This is a difficult problem, PS is a practice of very strong learning, only in the shore hard to learn theoretical knowledge, never in the water or very little water practice, then can never progress. That is to learn PS is a lot of time to do hands-on, see post 10 times as manual. But what do you do with your hands? How can you make progress faster? There may be many shortcuts and methods on the Internet. And I personally think there is a small way to learn and progress more intuitively and effectively, that is through the decomposition layer to understand the layers and understanding of the later ideas, because each layer is built to make the original image changes, and this change is needed to let the novice to understand, this is the build of what layer? What effect does this layer achieve? And so on, will dissect to think, the later progress will be much quicker. Of course, the novice I am talking about here is not a novice who can't spell a few letters of Photoshop, even the most basic tools are not named, but a few months later, the so-called novice is still at a loss. The traditional way to learn PS is to follow the graphics and text tutorials and video tutorials to do step-by-step, after the confused add a sweat, not a few days to forget, or to change a map and will not do. This method of learning can also be said to be the best stupid method, but if the combination of other methods to learn, perhaps progress quickly! This method is my personal summary, may be very immature, so read the following this post, if the alumni feel feasible may wish to try, more download some action or PSD file open layer pondering , some mysteries naturally hidden in the meantime. Of course, if you think this law is futile, then smile. Today we specialize in a beginner's practice with a little bit of foundation, this assignment is not take you a step to do, but I do the action (PS in the "action" as the name implies, is the PS in the process of a record, this record in a sequence to save, it formed an automatic operation process.) Can save time and effort to improve efficiency) directly let you install, installed after you have to open the analysis of each layer of change, in fact, it is equivalent to open a step, you can repeatedly observe the upper and lower layers or layers open, closed after the picture change effect. You do not have to rush to practice this assignment, but when you have a preliminary understanding of each layer, and then try to follow the steps of each layer to do the exercise, as long as the data accurately operate correctly will be the same as the original effect chart. Here, I offer a toning exercise, that is, imitation of a po-color. A po-color is one of the most popular tones on the market, and you will certainly like it. However, this exercise is for beginners, is to let the novice comprehensive analysis to understand a complete palette process, suggest that you do not say "not like a po-color" "away from the Po-color difference" similar, because the purpose of this post is to analyze the layer to learn the impact of the original, is a look at the process does not look at the results of the study. Color action Download inThe last side is provided. First the original image

"Imitation po-color" Action installation path, copied to the action file (because CS5 folders are in English, so I used the CS3 to demonstrate that the installation in other versions of the same effect

Then open Photoshop software, open the image, copy a layer, click on the history of the Circle tool, see the action, click action

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