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First recommend a good web site to learn python

Concise Python tutorial Swaroop, C. H. Shen Jieyuan Translation
Web site for online tutorials:


Learning to program for nearly 20 years, rarely see such a good tutorial. Simple, clear. Most of the software books translate is vomit ah 啁 suck to listen to, famous translator such as Waiting for someone, is also 50 steps laugh hundred steps.

Online there is a saying that an experienced programmer can learn python in half a day.

I tried it and felt it was a bit exaggerated. I spent about 1 nights (3 hours) to see the " Concise Python Tutorial," The 9th chapter, feeling this chapter is a little difficult, the head is a little dizzy, the grammar is basically finished, go to rest.

Prepare for the 2nd day to look slowly, with 1-2 weeks of afternoon time, must be able to learn.

Then, I'll compare the use of Python and C++,delphi.

A good integrated development environment, can greatly improve the programming efficiency. So, I need to find a good python development tool first.

Python's own idle (Python GUI) feels good overall.

Because for a long time has not used to explain the language of the development environment. Using idle to enter a few small examples in the concise Python tutorial, it feels new, like returning to the 6502 computer on the middle school, and entering the basic language experience.

How to use debugging? It's a little weird, it's harder to get started, and it's not going to work now, and it doesn't need to be, because now I'm using Eclipse +pydev.

So when I probably learned Python's grammar, my 1th thought was to find a more comfortable IDE first. If you don't have a handy IDE, you'd rather not learn python.

The internet first saw Boa constructor, free Python IDE, is said to resemble Delphi, incredibly so good? Hurry down to use, feel more disappointed after use. First see a very difficult to see the big Boa Python, the layout of the window is a little strange, and Delphi is not the same. Single-Step debugging, the screen has a flashing, as if there are some bugs, in my debugging here, one step to run the feeling is not very good. changed winpdb again, feel worse.

Then, for Eclipse +pydev, it feels good. The installation process, please see below for decomposition.

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