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In our system, the most vulnerable than IE, is often malicious software and virus tampering, and IE's home page is one of the biggest unlucky ghost, almost every computer user's IE home page has been modified, some friends of IE home page even Zooey was modified. In the end how IE homepage is malicious software modification, we have no way to completely guarantee the security of IE home page? Let's take a look.

Friendship hint: Why IE home page will be modified?

Whether malware or viruses, are very like to modify the user's IE home page, because this is directly linked to the interests, hackers with malicious software to modify IE home page, will greatly increase the flow of its website, thereby obtaining advertising revenue. Below let us understand under IE the first page is modified several cases:

1, malware: The vast majority of IE home page was modified by the hands of malicious software, malware lurking in other software, when we download software and install, will be malicious software installed into the system, and malicious software is waiting to occupy the user's system, modify the IE home page. The modified IE home page is difficult to change back, unless the malicious software is completely removed, otherwise it is a tug of war.

2, Software installation package: So is not only malicious software will modify the user's IE home page? Not also, normal software will also modify IE home page, this is mainly reflected in the software installation package. When we install the software, we usually press "next" continuously. But ignore the setup option in the installation package, many software installation package in the last step will have the "Set IE homepage for xxx" option, this option is checked by default, if you do not pay attention, then the IE homepage will be set as the software requirements of the page.

3, the site's homepage settings: Many sites in order to retain users, when users open the site will pop up a dialog box, prompts you whether to set it as IE homepage, if you have a small hand shaking, it is likely to click "OK", so the IE home page was modified.

Lock IE with Group Policy

IE homepage is constantly modified, we continue to change back, the longer term is not a matter, there is no way to lock the IE home, so that no one can modify it? Use the Group Policy feature in Windows to do so.

Set Group Policy protection IE home

Click "Start" menu → "Run", enter "gpedit.msc" Run "Command Prompt", expand "User Configuration" → "Administrative Templates" → "Windows Components" → "Internet Explorer" in turn. On the right side of the window we can find the "Disable Change home Settings" item, double-click Open, select "Enabled" In the Settings tab, and click OK to close Group Policy.

IE home page out of the state of inability to modify

Now that our IE home page has been locked, when we open Internet Options, we will find that the "home page" is grayed out and in a state that cannot be modified.

Protect IE homepage with Golden Hill Guardian

With "Group Policy" lock ie if you want to change the IE home page will be more trouble, need to "Group Policy" in the first to unlock and then modify, but if you have installed "Golden Hill Guardian" can be locked home and easily modified.

In the "Golden Hill Guardian" main interface click the "Real-time Protection" button, one of the "IE home lock" function, you can easily set the IE home page, set up after the "lock" button on it, if you want to unlock the words also just click the "Unlock" button, very convenient, more suitable for rookie friends.

Use Golden Hill Guardian to lock IE homepage

To find out why IE Homepage was changed

If the lock after the IE home page is changed, then we can not just put the target on IE, but should consider whether it is rogue software and viruses behind the scenes.

System Repair Engineer is a very good anti-rogue software, you can do a full range of rogue software and virus detection, to find the main culprit to modify IE after the removal of the system, and then the IE home page to lock, so that you can ensure the security of IE home.

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