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There are no buttons on the Windows XP toolbar for "copy," "Paste," or "delete" on the Windows7 toolbar, which makes many users feel less convenient. For this problem, domestic Win7 users are trying to find a solution, but there has been no results. Incidentally, the author in a foreign forum to see such a method, feeling very good.

Users who are still clinging to Windows XP should not understand the author's meaning, please look at the following two pictures, compared to you will be easy to understand. As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2:

Figure 1 is the original case of the Windows7 installed toolbar, Figure 2 is the modified condition. Figure 2 is the classic style of Windows XP, where users can use the button "copy", "Paste", "delete" buttons on the toolbar to implement shortcuts.

Special tips:

You can skip this article if you think you are personally accustomed to using the "CTRL + C, V" method rather than using the toolbar shortcut buttons for related actions.

If you also want to achieve the effect of Figure 2, go through two big steps:

1. First of all, to enable the current user to obtain the registry-related items "Full Control authority";

2. Modify the values of some items that have been obtained under Full Control permission.

In the next page, I will first tell you how to get permission.

To obtain Full Control permissions:

Run Registry Editor, navigate to Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorerfoldertypes, right-click "FolderTypes", and select Permissions (as shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3

In the Open Foldertypes Permission dialog box, click the Advanced button (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Next, in the Advanced Security Settings for Foldertypes dialog box that opens, click the current user and tap the Edit button (Figure 5):

Figure 5

Finally, get full control in the Open Foldertypes Permission Entry dialog box (Figure 6):

Figure 6

At this point, we have completed the first step of work. The next step is relatively simple, but involves more items.

Modify the related values under the item "Foldertypes":

Or in Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorerfoldertypes, right click on "FolderTypes" under this branch, Please find each of the following items:

{0b2baaeb-0042-4dca-aa4d-3ee8648d03e5} (Photo gallery)

{36011842-dccc-40fe-aa3d-6177ea401788} (File search results)

{3f2a72a7-99fa-4ddb-a5a8-c604edf61d6b} (music library)

{4dcafe13-e6a7-4c28-be02-ca8c2126280d} (picture search results)

{5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7} (generic, items for all folders)

{5f4eab9a-6833-4f61-899d-31cf46979d49} (Universal Library)

{5fa96407-7e77-483c-ac93-691d05850de8} (movie)

{631958a6-ad0f-4035-a745-28ac066dc6ed} (Video library)

{71689AC1-CC88-45D0-8A22-2943C3E7DFB3} (music search results)

{7d49d726-3c21-4f05-99aa-fdc2c9474656} (file)

{7fde1a1e-8b31-49a5-93b8-6be14cfa4943} (Universal search results)

{80213E82-BCFD-4C4F-8817-BB27601267A9} (compressed folder, zip file)

{94d6ddcc-4a68-4175-a374-bd584a510b78} (music)

{b3690e58-e961-423b-b687-386ebfd83239} Picture

{EA25FBD7-3BF7-409E-B97F-3352240903F4} (Movie search results)

{FBB3477E-C9E4-4B3B-A2BA-D3F5D3CD46F9} (Document library)

The contents of the brackets below each of these items are the instructions added by the author.

Navigate to each of the above items, and then add two items below it (if you don't need to add them): "tasksitemsselected", "tasksnoitemsselected", and then modify the values of these two items as needed.

For example, if there is already "tasksitemsselected" and "tasksnoitemsselected" in an item, and the value is windows.slideshow; Windows.print; Windows.email and so on. You can change it to windows.burn according to the situation; Windows.email; Windows.slideshow; Windows.print; Windows.delete and other content.

Small tip:

When entered, two values are separated by semicolons in the English half-width. In addition, due to operations involving permission control and registry modification, users are advised to back up the registry in part or in full before modifying it.

It's not easy to guess what Microsoft's official cancellation of some of the classic Windows XP styles in Windows7. But we can get on our own, by modifying the registry file to restore our favorite, customary style of use.

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