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What if you're not used to Windows 8? demoting to Windows 7 is certainly a solution, but it seems to be a bit of a hassle. Let's recommend a way for Windows 8 to look and use like Windows 7, and users who miss Windows 7 might as well try.

Compared to Windows 7, Microsoft removed the Start menu and Aero Theme from Windows 8 and added the right sidebar. If you don't like it, you can use the following steps to get Windows 8 to be the same as Windows 7.

The first step: Remove the Start interface, retrieve the Start menu

There is no doubt that the biggest difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7 is the starting interface of dynamic magnets in Windows 8. If you're used to the classic Windows 7 Start menu, you can get a sense of familiarity by using a software called START8. START8 is a paid software, but it is also the most perfect to restore the Start menu of software so far.

1. Download and install START8. Start provides the user with a 30-day free probationary period, which costs 4.99 dollars (about 31 yuan) to continue to use after the probationary period.

2. Select the "Style" option on the left and select "Windows 7 Theme" in the lower-right theme selection.

3. Cancel Tick "Disable translucency".

4. Select the "Desktop" option on the left.

5. Tick "Disable all Windows 8 hot corners".

6. Tick "Automatically Go" Desktop when I sign in, which will skip the start interface directly to the desktop when the user logs in.

7. Cancel Tick "Disable taskbar translucency".

8. Select the "Control" option on the left.

9. Uncheck "Show the Windows 8 menu when I press the right Windows key", after this feature is turned off, users will not return to the start interface when they accidentally right-click.

10. Close the START8 Settings window.

11. Click Start8 to view All programs in Windows 8.

12. Select the program you want to fix in Start8, right-click and select Pin to Start menu (START8).

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