Linux installs MySQL, Tomcat and jdk1.7, Android Studio

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Linux installs MySQL, Tomcat, and JDK.
First, install MySQL

$ sudo apt-get install Mysql-server

Install MySQL

ii. installation of JDK
Download JDK


$ sudo mkdir java to create a Java folder (note: Sudo requests root privileges)

$ sudo mv Jdk1.7.0_67/usr/local/java to move the extracted files to the newly built folder

$ sudo vim/etc/profile possible vim editor not installed

So the implementation

$ sudo apt-get install vim

After installation.

Execute the above command to enter the editor

Press I to enter edit state

**export java_home=/usr/java/jdk1.5.0_16
Export classpath=.: J AV AH OM E /JRe/LIb/RT.JaR: Java_home/lib/dt.jar: J AV AH OM E /LIb/TooLs.JaRexPoRTP AT H = PATH: $JAVA _home/bin**

JDK version replaced by the version you downloaded

Then Esc:wq Save exit

Restart Linux

$ java-version

Third, install Tomcat

Tomcat is downloaded and extracted to the specified directory, preferably put together to pull, easy to maintain.

Enter Tomcat/bin

$./ See Tomcat started. Indicates that Tomcat has been started.

$./ Stop

Iv. installation of Android Studio

3 Download Android Studio package android-studio-bundle-133.970939-linux.tgz

$ sudo tar zxvf android-studio-bundle-133.970939-linux.tgz(unzip)

The folder name is Android-studio after decompression.

$ sudo mv android-studio/opt/(MOBILE)
$ cd/opt/android-studio/bin/(open folder)
$ sudo./
Ok. Installation Complete

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Linux installs MySQL, Tomcat and jdk1.7, Android Studio

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