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1, first we open the Start menu, find the Control Panel options. Click the "Network and Internet" option, locate the "Network and Sharing Center" option and click, and then find the "Change adapter Settings" option Click to enter (all of the above is done under Win7, and other operating systems may be slightly different).

2, then find the way we connect the network, if the use of wired connection, we choose "Local Connection", if the use of wireless connection, we choose "Wireless network connection." Then right-click the Select attribute, locate Internet Protocol version 4, and then click the Properties option.

3, at this point will go to the IP settings interface, the default should be automatically get the IP address, if this state of the "local connection does not have a valid IP configuration" situation, we need to log into the router interface to see if the DHCP server is turned on, if not open, We checked to enable and restart the router (restarting the router may not be necessary).

4, if the above method can not solve our problems, we can also set up an IP, of course, the premise is that this IP must be within the router's allocation range. Enter the router, also find the DHCP server, which can set the IP distribution range, we fill in the IP as long as within this range.

5, in addition to the IP address to fill out, there are some other information to fill out, and this information we can all in the router's "running state" found. Then we choose to use the following IP, the corresponding should be filled with some information in the running state of information to fill in, and then click OK.

6, the general situation of manually assigned IP address can solve this problem, of course, if your network configuration is correct. In particular, you need to see if there is a problem with the driver for your network adapter, and if there is a problem, other configurations and actions are in vain even if they are correct.

7, however, in addition to the above reasons, there may be other reasons, Internet access will be a variety of reasons, but the individual feel that those reasons are not common, some reasons are not likely to cause this problem, so did not enumerate, the above reasons and solutions should be enough to solve your problem.

  Attention matters

1, due to the problem of the operating system to Win7, so the above operations are carried out in the Win7 operating system.

2, now many operating systems of the Internet Protocol not only 4, but also 6, the current use of more than should be 4 bar, this article is only for the 4 version of the 6 version of the set method slightly different.

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