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There are two cases where there is no local connection, one is that the local connection in the lower-right corner of the taskbar is missing, and the other is that there is no local connection in the network connection, although the local connection icon is missing in both cases, but the effect is different;

  The first: the task bar in the lower right corner of the local connection is missing, the user can normally surf the internet, but there is no local connection icon in the taskbar, this situation is easier to solve, first of all, right click on the "Network Neighborhood"--> Select "Properties"--> in the Open Internet connection to find Local Connection "--> right click on" Network Connection "--> Select" Properties "--> the bottom of the pop-up" local connection "attribute to find" after the connection in the notification area to display the icon ", in front of it to tick--> click" OK "exit, Now check to see if there is a local connection icon in the lower-right corner of the taskbar;

  Second: There is no local connection in the network connection, the computer can not dial, can not access the Internet, right click on the "Internet Connection" select "Properties", pop-up "Network Connections" folder does not have a local connection icon, similar situation to deal with a relatively more complex, we judge the cause of the failure, In trying to solve;

1. Right-click on "My Computer" select "Properties"--> Pop-up "System Properties" Select the "Hardware" tab--> Click "Device Manager"--> in the pop-up Device Manager to see "network adapter" before the exclamation point! , or is there a question mark in front of the network controller? , if there is a question mark or exclamation point, this indicates that the NIC driver is not normal or does not install the network card driver;

   Solution: If you know the motherboard model, you can search for this model of the motherboard's network card driver, through the U disk copied to the system can be installed, if not clear motherboard, network card model, you can install " Master Lu " after the computer hardware can be detected, At the same time, Lu Master will identify the "network card" model, in accordance with the model download driver to U disk, through the U disk copied to the system for driver installation;

2. There is no question mark or exclamation point in front of "network adapters" in Device Manager. After checking the network card driver is normal, but still does not have the local connection icon, if this situation may be "Network connection Management Service program" error caused, we can try the following action to repair the service, click the "Start" menu-- > select "Run", in order to enter the following red part of the three commands, press ENTER, you can repair;

regsvr32 netshell.dll

regsvr32 netconfigx.dll

regsvr32 netman.dll

  The third type: nic is disabled, right-click on the "Network Neighborhood" to choose "Properties", in the pop-up "Internet connection" to see if the "Local Area Connection" icon to show "disabled", if it is, the network card is disabled, right click on "Local Connection" select "Enable" can be;

All three of these situations may cause the local connection to be missing, no local connection, no local connectivity problems occur, the method described in this article to check the exclusion of the problem can be solved.

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