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This article mainly introduces Lua to get UTF8 string length and string interception and use ... Instead, this article directly gives the implementation code of two functions, the need for friends can refer to the following

First, Lua get UTF8 string length

The code is as follows:

---Get the correct length of the UTF8 encoded string

--@param str

--@return Number

function Utfstrlen (str)

Local len = #str;

Local left = Len;

Local cnt = 0;

Local ARR={0,0XC0,0XE0,0XF0,0XF8,0XFC};

While left ~= 0 do

Local Tmp=string.byte (Str,-left);

Local i= #arr;

While Arr[i] do

If Tmp>=arr[i] then Left=left-i;break;end





return CNT;


Second, the partial length of the given string is intercepted, with the ellipsis "." Replace

The code is as follows:

--@brief cut string and replace tail with "..."

--@param sname: The string to be cut

---@return nMaxCount, String upper, middle text is multiples of 2

---@param nshowcount: Display the number of English words, Chinese text is a multiple of 2, can be empty

--@note function implementation: Intercept the string part, the remainder with "..." Replace

function Getshortname (sname,nmaxcount,nshowcount)

if sname = = Nil or nMaxCount = = Nil Then



Local SSTR = sname

Local tcode = {}

Local tname = {}

Local Nleninbyte = #sStr

Local nwidth = 0

if Nshowcount = = Nil Then

Nshowcount = nMaxCount-3


For I=1,nleninbyte do

Local curbyte = String.byte (sStr, i)

Local ByteCount = 0;

If Curbyte>0 and curbyte<=127 then

ByteCount = 1

ElseIf curbyte>=192 and curbyte<223 Then

ByteCount = 2

ElseIf curbyte>=224 and curbyte<239 Then

ByteCount = 3

ElseIf curbyte>=240 and curbyte<=247 Then

ByteCount = 4


Local char = Nil

If ByteCount > 0 Then

char = String.sub (SStr, I, i+bytecount-1)

i = i + byteCount-1


If ByteCount = 1 Then

nwidth = nwidth + 1

Table.insert (Tname,char)

Table.insert (tcode,1)

ElseIf byteCount > 1 Then

nwidth = nwidth + 2

Table.insert (Tname,char)

Table.insert (tcode,2)



If nwidth > nMaxCount Then

Local _SN = ""

Local _len = 0

For I=1, #tName do

_SN = _sn. Tname[i]

_len = _len + tcode[i]

If _len >= Nshowcount Then




sname = _sn. "..."


Return sname


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