Make Ubuntu system launch U disk with UNetbootin tool

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Make the Ubuntu system to start the U disk, you can use the soft disc through the UltraISO, can also use the UNetbootin software.

The advantage of UNetbootin is that there are Windows clients and Linux clients, that is to say, it is convenient to make your own launch disk in Linux environment.

Tools/raw Materials

UNetbootin software Download Address:

Ubuntu System CD ISO file self search download address


1 first check the integrity of the ISO file you downloaded. is usually the hash value that everybody says.

Hash 1.04 software Download address:

The original file hash value is available on the official website.

2 If you do not have a Linux ISO image file, UNetbootin can help you download the ISO files for each release. The following figure

Here is to explain that they have downloaded a good ISO file production methods, select the following "CD-ROM image"----"ISO"

Then browse to select the Ubuntu system ISO file that you have already downloaded.

Type select "USB Drive" and then select the letter you want to write to the U disk

Here's my choice of h disk.

The point is determined to begin writing data.

As shown in figure:

Write speed and U disk quality.

I'm more slow here.

Write complete

Software prompts to reboot the system, enter the BIOS settings, and then you can use U disk to boot the system.

When the desktop is powered on, press Del to enter the BIOS.

When the notebook computer is powered on, press F2 key to enter the BIOS.

Note To verify ISO file integrity

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