Making seed germination animation by using PowerPoint template skillfully

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Effect Chart:

The production process is as follows:

1, start PowerPoint2010, create a new blank slide, and then set the background format, check the gradient fill, color selection of the long yellow sand.

2, and then through the Insert--shape menu inside the custom lines and rectangles, draw the soil, and coloring.

3, Paint the sun, defined as red.

4, and then draw the seeds, as well as small seedlings grow up, have the skills of a friend can easily draw, no words can be part of the painting, and finally the combination of these figures.

5, set the action path to the seed, click the animation, select downward. Adjust the distance well.

6, to this action is set to play after hiding.

7. Then the action of the young sapling Rising.

8, the essence is to be slow, set into a previous animation, to form a coherent.

9, Shift+f5 key play slides, there are insufficient place to change slowly, after all, the animation effect is to undergo repeated testing to achieve the best results.

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