Mandatory type conversion of C language series (i)

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#include <stdio.h>


Char CChar; Character variable

short int ishort; Short-Integer variable

int ilnt; Shaping variables

float ffloat=70000; Single-precision floating-point type

Cchar= (char) ffloat; Cast assignment

Ishort= (short) ffloat; //

ilnt= (int) ffloat; //

printf ("The char is:%c\n", CChar); Output character Variable value

printf ("The Long is:%ld\n", ishort); Output short Integer variable value

printf ("The int is:%d\n", ILNT); Output integer Variable Value

printf ("The Float is:%f\n", ffloat); Output floating-point variable value

return 0; The return value is 0


Output Result:

The Char Is:p

The Long is:4464

The int is;70000

The float is 70000.000000

Question one:

The Char Is:p

Why the single-precision floating-point type is converted to a character type when the output is p;

Depending on the structure of the C language, the character-type output can be in characters or ASCLL code, as shown in

The simplest examples are:

Cchar1= ' a ';


printf ("%c/n", cChar1);

printf ("%c/n", cChar2);

Output Result:



Because the ASCLL code of a is 97;


ASCLL a total of 128, when more than 128 people, and start again.

For example, the value in the example is 70000.

70000/128=546 more than 112;

From the ASCLL Code table, the 112th place is p;

So the output is P

Question Two

The Long is:4464

Why is the output 4464 when a single-precision floating point is converted to a short integer?

We know that the interval of the short integer is 32768 to 32767, and the two are subtracted plus 1 equals 65536.

Why add 1 because there is an integer 0



The short integer has a total of 65,536 bits, and when this number is exceeded, it starts again.

We can tell by the title


So the output is 4464.


There is a high level of conversion to low levels, data loss can occur, which is often lost in one interval,

For example, when the floating-point type is converted to a character type, the data is lost according to the ASCLL code interval,

When the floating-point type is converted to a short integer, it is lost according to the data interval of the short integer type.

Mandatory type conversion of C language series (i)

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