Micro-letter Chat record deleted how to restore the micro-mail chat record Delete Restore method

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Micro-letter Chat record deleted how to recover?
1, connect the Apple phone to the computer, then open the itunes software, click on the "Small mobile phone icon" below the title bar, select the "This Computer" radio button, and then click on the manual backup and restore the "Back up" button below, in order to reduce the time required for backup, click the pop-up window "do not back up the application", On some computers backup, also pop-up window to ask whether the backup data encryption, please be sure to click "No encryption."
2, the backup will be all the data on the phone synchronously transferred to the computer's hard drive, therefore, it will take a long time, please do not operate the computer at this time, until the window at the top of the progress bar disappears (about more than 10 minutes to two or three hours of time), before the operation has been completed, When you are done, you can remove your phone from your computer and turn off the itunes software.
3, open the Itools software, click on the "toolbox", under the Data Management section below click "itunes Backup Management."
4, pop-up window can see all the backup on the computer's mobile data, because the small series only made a backup, so only one row of data, we double-click to open this line of backup data.
5, bounce out of the window shows all the data from the mobile phone, click into the Var/mobile/applications/com.tencent.xin, and then export Documents folder to the computer.
Description: To say a digression, in this window of the common directory, you can also see photos, text messages, contacts, call records in the folder, small series of words, the next time will introduce the data structure inside these files.
6, search online and download the "floor micro-letter chat record export recovery assistant" software.
7, open the download "Lou month micro-mail chat record export recovery assistant" software, according to the following figure to set, where the data directory to set to the previous exported Documents folder, if there is no understanding of the place, you can also click on the "Second step: Please select the Chat log database folder" behind the "use instructions", The software will open pages on the official web page to get more help on the official website.
8, the micro-signal with all the friends of the chat record in the software interface at a glance, we then click on the "file" "Restore deleted micro-chat record" menu.
9, micro-letter chat Records deleted how to restore the realization, there is a picture of the truth, look at the figure below, successfully recovered more than 1000 deleted micro-letter chat content.
Description: Recovery operation takes a long time, please wait patiently.

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