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The installation process is also very simple, is the next step, the basic no error occurs.

Brief introduction

Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in this cumulative update.

This cumulative hotfix is available for all languages that are supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Number and file name of the cumulative patch that generated this update" Th class= "sbody-th" style= "padding:16px;vertical-align:top;" > file name (32-bit version)
name of the file (64-bit version)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Server Not applicable crm2013-Server-kb2963850-LangID-amd64.exe
For Microsoft Office Outlook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 crm2013-Client-kb2963850-enu-LangID-i386.exe crm2013-Client-kb2963850-enu-LangID-amd64.exe
microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 e-mail Router crm2013-router-kb2963850-langid-i386.exe crm2013-router-kb2963850-langid-amd64.exe
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Language Pack crm2013-mui-kb2963850-LangID-i386.exe crm2013-mui-kb2963850-LangID-amd64.exe
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Report Extension Not applicable crm2013-sr-kb2963850-LangID-amd64.exe

Install file to Microsoft Official download: KB2963850

Supported Operating systems

Windows Server R2, Windows Server, Windows Server R2

official update Rollup 2 resolves an issue in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Pack 1

Update Rollup 2 Service Pack 1 resolves the following issues:

The chart contains an option set that ignores the specified order.

The Getfirstdayoffiscalperiod function is not correctly categorized, and is equal to the start date time of each fiscal period.

When you export a custom report for a single page of data, the export includes additional blank pages.

Incoming e-mail messages for queues that have unresolved senders, as well as blank topics, will not be promoted.

If the SQL Reporting Services account is installed in a trusted domain, the SRS data connector does not work correctly.

You cannot use the Quick Find search Knowledge Base article when it is added to the dashboard as a list.

You change the offline Synchronization error dialog box in the Outlook client.

After you use the Service Pack 1 feature in the case-sensitive e-mail setting, the e-mail delivery will fail if the e-mail message is sent from an unknown sender to the queue.

When you access child records from a parent, you may cause the parent activity to load the child records on the active wall.

The combination of Access mode and license type is incorrect, and the user has an unexpected error on the form.

The Cancel button on the bulk edit page does not respond.

When the command bar label contains more than one character, and the screen resolution is set to 1024, by 768 or less, the ellipse is deleted.

When a sub-grid is generated, the relationship name of the navigation bar item appears immediately.

When you import or remove a solution, you may receive a query that is blocked from a query on the Mailboxbase table time-out.

A general SQL error was encountered while synchronizing to Outlook or swapping.

Records or views cannot be opened that contain invalid option settings, or select list values.

Incorrect translation of the left voice mail label in Norwegian language.

The record URL (dynamic) feature that is used in a dialog box or workflow generates a URL for the missing organization name.

When a custom Web resource is added to the Ribbon, the icon that contains the custom icon is not displayed.

Business rules are not activated when you compare the Decimal field value to 0.

The Update Outlook Synchronization dialog box instructs the Outlook CRM client to temporarily disable the synchronization process after the CRM Service Pack 1.

Resolves case settings when creating rules is handled as expected.

The Report Wizard now adds a link to the Currency field in the report for the transaction currency. This will use the Querylinkentitylimit item, so reports with 10 linked entities will fail immediately.

When you add a new tab to the top of the form, and the tabs are collapsed by default, any content that is expanded on the tab is not loaded.

Russia and the style of UR 18 set the Windows DST hotfix to 26 October 2015 7 August 2015 to set the date value of the field to have an incorrect time offset.

If the user clicks a different entity and returns to the original entity, the Outlook View sort order has changed.

When you try to edit a multiline text field by using a mobile web browser or mobile app in IOS and Android, the multiline text field does not display enough text to easily scroll or perform an edit operation.

Importing an import that contains a new quick form solution fails with the following error: "The requested record could not be found, or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it." "

Incorrect marketing campaign headers are displayed in the Russian language pack.

Performing a save on the calendar and closing the appointment record causes an error if the user clicks the Save and Close button two times.

Insert the e-mail template into the template in the top e-mail message body, instead of using the results of Internet Explorer at the specified cursor location.

Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm call failed with error cannot get property undefined, then null reference ' Argumentnull '.

A phone call activity is a descriptive value that is quickly created from the social pane when the subject of a phone call is set to input. This can cause problems if the description value contains a line break.

When you use Internet Explorer 9 o'clock, the report that is embedded in the IFRAME element encounters a display problem.

After a customer creates an e-mail activity or traces an e-mail message that contains HTML content that includes style elements that are applied to the HTML content of an e-mail message, the form inherits the style information from the rest of the e-mail body content that it displays. The error occurs when the e-mail activity form is encountered, or the active tab on the Social pane is viewed.

When you try to open the Orchestration Flow editor form for a managed orchestration flow, a script error occurs: _clientdisabledcontrols cannot get the property undefined, or null reference.

A generic SQL error occurs when you are synchronizing to Outlook or Exchange.

If you use the Japanese language pack after CRM Service Pack 1, the activity feeds user interface experience displays the issue.

After you switch to the "info" display form, and then you try to customize the Reading Pane, the phone record does not appear in the Reading Pane.

Creating a one-to-many relationship without any custom activity entity is created during the creation of the entity rights and rights templates.

You enable a custom command bar that uses Xrm.Page.getAttribute to display the Ribbon incorrectly in the Outlook client for CRM.

Activity source background wall and grid generation script error when browsing with Internet Explorer 11: Cannot get the text that the property is not defined to be a null reference.

The operation of the CRM 2013 client in Outlook offline is not synchronized with all related records as expected.

If the opportunity product record is updated after CRM Service Pack 1, a SQL deadlock occurs.

After you set up the CRM for Outlook client, many platform trace messages appear to report that there are not enough memory exceptions.

You cannot upgrade a managed solution that was created in CRM 2013 Update Rollup 2 through a new managed solution if it contains a custom activity entity.

Daylight saving time changes the Russian timezone.

Navigating to the second page of a sub-grid causes the total number of records to disappear. Navigating to the sub-grid on the last page will cause the entire page bar to disappear.

A script error occurred when trying to save and close the quote record: "Cannot get property undefined, then null reference ' Trytransitiontoalwayseditmode '".

A duplicate tracer token is generated in the CRM Microsoft Outlook client.

Corrected an issue that caused the rollup of SQL statement recompilation.

The scroll bar is not on the edit properties and View Properties dialog box window.

Use the SharePoint integration issues that are rendered when you manage metadata columns in SharePoint.

"Insufficient permissions" error when adding users to the team.

You cannot save or delete a connection when you delete a team template.

When you view a field in CRM's tablet, the DateTime field is formatted to date only and the time value is still displayed.

When you use the mobile CRM client, the appointment time is not populated by the lookup field on the entity form.

If the execution of the Applyroutingrulerequest message executes with any errors in the code, the rule is not applied.

When you use the SDK for Dynamics CRM, you must authenticate to CRM using claims authentication when the SDK will not work unless you should use the STS to provide a response to the security token that issued the endpoint to generate a Asymetric token.

When the asynchronous service tries to process an asynchronous plug-in, the service crashes, displaying an error indicating that an item with the same key has been added.

An attempt to export a form merge solution from CRM 2013 causes the import to fail: "Label" {0},id: "{1} already exists. Please provide a unique labelid value.

If the language is disabled in the target organization, the dashboard that contains a custom label for another language in the import solution does not work correctly.

You cannot update a partial name between the source and destination servers that are part of the import managed solution.

When you change the security role in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 form, the changes are not displayed immediately.

SharePoint integration does not work if the SharePoint display language is not set to English.

If the chart has two category (X axis) properties, drill down into a chart to generate a conversion error. One category property is the related entity for the field, and the other is the lookup field on the primary entity.

The custom relationship is still displayed in the CRM 2013 Mobile Express user interface that is set to not display.

When the data in Outlook is not saved in the record if the Leave field loses focus, the user does not click Add Data in the CRM fields form in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 client.

If the report contains only one dynamic parameter as part of the paging information, such as count or page numbering, you may encounter errors when uploading a report to CRM.

When you try to view an entity view or switch to an entity type that is currently displayed by another view, you may receive the error "We are downloading some data in the background." Please wait a few minutes and try again. Error code: 0X9000000-C. "

Enables custom e-mail entities to be e-mail messages that are not tracked by CRM.

Some error messages when you use an appointment activity appear in CRM to select a different language.

When paging to the next page of a related record in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile site, the user receives an "error occurred" message.

You can still edit the closing opportunity after the expected revenue field, even if the form is marked as read-only.

When a user uses a Web client to add a Reply object to an HTML e-mail message, if more than one line break is inserted or inserted and then deleted, there may be missing font information for some lines, which will not be noticeable until the user sends the e-mail message.

When a user tries to add an unordered list in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 e-mail text editor, the indentation and bullet points of the list are lost when the e-mail message is sent or saved.

If an activity is created from a sub-grid, party information is not populated.

An error occurred while saving e-mail using dynamic values from Google Chrome in the Workflow designer.

When auto-save is turned off in system settings, the custom entity in the Modify view encounters an error, then this system: "The changes have not been saved." To save the changes, click Cancel to leave on the page after this error occurs, change the Edit filter criteria and select OK, and then try to add the columns.

When attributes are added to the Quick Find view, the view may time out or perform slowly if the Quick Find index is not created correctly.

Offline using CRM 2013 client for Outlook fails with error message: "Column names in each table must be unique. The column name Leftvoicemail in the Activitypointerbase table is specified more than once.

When you publish a Web resource that is used on an entity form, the updated version of the Web resource is not displayed in the form.

The user receives the exception "parameter name: S" When using server-side synchronization.

In print preview, the format of the comment is not matched with the format in which the comment is entered, which ignores the row source.

When you reply to an e-mail message in CRM, the numbered list is not formatted correctly.

When you type the AltGR + a key in the Polish character "a" in the body of the CRM e-mail message, you insert the Knowledge Base article into the dialog box that appears.

After CRM Service Pack 1, users will not be able to add a sub-grid item that was passed by a non-refreshed entity.

After you upgrade to cumulative Update 1 for CRM Service Pack 1, you cannot import a solution that contains a custom action.

If you create another solution to try to allow other components to be removed, press and hold the managed component to uninstall a managed solution that does not work correctly.

The Link entity navigation bar option in the quotes, orders, and invoices form does not change between the refreshed and non-refreshed forms.

When you enable the High Contrast settings for personal options, Asteriks red or blue, plus the fields that need and business suggestions are no longer displayed.

The navigation buttons disappear randomly when you view various entity forms in CRM 2013.

A script error may result when you click between the command bar navigation tiles.

When you add or remove user access to the team and the 2 enableretrievemultipleoptimization that you are using, you are delayed to the user accessibility of the record. They will be able to see that they should not if the access team is removed from the records, or if they do not see the records they should have if they are added to the accessing group.

When you try to use a relationship to find a filter for a 1:n relationship, the filtered lookup does not produce an error dialog box when you click the Find icon.

When you use Safari to access a CRM 2013 organization from an IPAD device, the form scrolls when the point continues if the form contains a custom Web resource for the IFRAME element. Additionally, the IFRAME may render incorrectly, the missing permissions, and/or the bottom border.

When you view a record in the document area, and then deactivate or activate a record from a record, you receive a script error: The Primaryentityid that cannot get the property undefined, or null reference.

After that, if the user clicks the Back button An error occurs that indicates that the record is unavailable for the browser, and the user opens the appointment record from the service calendar.

An attempt to use the Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification notification setting is not available for quick create forms in CRM 2013.

After setting orgdborgsetting skipgettingrecordcountforpaging to True, you will no longer be able to select the number of records, see.

The solution for creating backward compatibility cannot be imported into the organization of previous CRM Service Pack 1, if the solution contains a workflow that triggers a child workflow.

Quote Product window when you add an out-of-catalog product to a quote entity, there may be an incorrect radio button selected, the field value of the calculated field, and the quote may not be recalculated.

When you use server-side synchronization, the SET option so that all e-mail messages that are received in the personal options do not change the tracking button, the View button in CRM does not get enabled in the command bar for this reason.

After applying the latest product update for Service Pack 1, it is no longer possible to add new records to the associated sub-grid if the record does not have user access to the parent entity's write permissions.

When merging records and data in the CRM Web application user interface contains a large number of fields from the subordinate domain to the master, moving or merging several fields, and containing a large amount of text, you cannot merge records.

In CRM 2013, if you create multiple Quick Create form entities and adjust to the Quick Create form that you want to use by default, the form order order will not be considered.

If the CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 Japanese MUI update is applied to a Japanese Outlook client in the base language, the label in the CRM section of the Ribbon will be displayed in English.

The rule's command bar button is not displayed after the case record has been reassigned.

When you resolve the CRM decompression service and view the trace log, it mentions the SharePoint asynchronous service when it should mention the CRM decompression service.

When you try to open an order product, an invoice product, or a quote product record, a generic error may occur in Outlook when you work offline in a CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 client.

After the upgraded CRM 2011 database to CRM Service Pack 1, some hidden system entities are visible in CRM 2013 in the custom system area.

The JScript runtime clicks the record name on the navigation bar.

After you try to install CRM SP1, the installation will not be able to apply database updates to the organization database.

CRM 2013 lookup failed after installing Chrome v38.

When you open from the SLA form, the value of the calendar is not displayed correctly.

When you use the Resource scheduling feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to find available time, you may experience poor performance.

Multiple activities are created when a record is shared with the owning user.

After changing the email address, the user can no longer be replied from an existing email.

The sample currency format displayed in the Personal Formatting tab is not displayed correctly.

When you use Internet Explorer 8 users on a read-only, click the field that is encountered when you close a script error in the CRM form.

Solution import failed with localizedlabels-related errors.

e-mail messages are not promoted to CRM when they are sent with all e-mail message and server-side synchronization tracked.

If you are in the Advanced Find box that allows you to remove the search address for the platform, address 1 and 2 are required. This removes both of the required rows from the Customeraddressbase table. If the platform does not have an expected customer address record on the customer record, the Editing\merging\other CRM operation fails unexpectedly. Additionally, the dynamic update of the customer address interface integration will fail.

If a user is viewing a form that is not the default, dashboard, and grid, and then closes the record or navigates using the back button, they will enter instead of the default dashboard that they are viewing.

Synchronization filters with sort by tags cause general SQL errors during synchronization.

When you are online, the CRM Synchronization error dialog box in Outlook has been modified.

When resizing the [chart] pane, which contains one of the categories is a Boolean field with the X-axis of multiple category charts, loses a category value.

When you create a custom system view, users will find that Outlook clients in CRM may not be displayed if they leave the primary Name property in the view.

Unauthorized delegate management users cannot import a solution that contains a report

Suspends the Outlook user interface after startup.

Update CRM for the opportunity product SP1 SQL deadlock.

The list of activities is not populated on wallboard because of malformed HTML e-mail activity.

Synchronizing to Outlook or swapping produces a general SQL error.

The Quick View displays incorrect status descriptions on different entity forms when displaying data (status descriptions).

CRM SP1 UR1 Import translation file failed " NULL for incoming value"

As an asynchronous plug-in, the plug-in tries to run, and the logic that runs the plug-in throws the plug-in COMException unable to retry. It will become a failure, not a pause.

When you use an integer field, the minimum and maximum values for the fields are used. If you enter a value from the external minimum to maximum interval in this field, get the following error message two times: You must enter an integer between {minimum} and {maximum}. (where {minimum} and {Max} are the values that you define for your integer field.) )

CRM 2013: You cannot use the BACKSPACE key to remove the value or ipad Air in the field with IOS7 in Safari on ipad 2.

When a managed solution is imported into Dynamics CRM, this may result in any customizations to the cascading behavior with the active entity being reversed back to the default relationship. Additionally, this also results in a requirement level or a label for the various related fields that are active in the box from which you want to revert to the default value.

A dependency calculation error is encountered when importing a new view (saved query) that contains an entity between queue items, such as a site's custom relationship.

Serial numbers for detail records that are added to an opportunity, quote, sales order, or invoice at the same time (by looking for multiple records) are not generated correctly.

The tracking token is repeated when the CRM client uses Outlook.

In CRM SP1 deployment, when you import a solution that contains a new quick form, the import fails with the following error: The message "The requested record could not be found, or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it." "State" failed "error code" 0x80040217 "ErrorText" systemform Id = {GUID} does not exist "

When you use the CRM Outlook client user to access a calendar, contact, or task for another CRM Outlook client user's proxy folder, Outlook crashes.

Performance enhancements when retrieving multiple returns for large results.

If an activity is created from a sub-grid, party information is not populated.

The wall and grid of the active source cannot be rendered and a script error occurs in Internet Explorer 11.

Do not use iOS7 smooth scrolling on IPad 3.

In CRM version SP1 or later, dial-out phone calls are recorded on the wall of the activity source to which the reverse incoming phone call is being flushed.

A view that references an option set that cannot be rendered if the returned record has an invalid option set value.

When exporting a solution that contains an SLA record, we will add a new SLA workflow process each time we export the solution.

View failed with error invalid column name ownerID

A tile in a mobile client application appointment displays only the end time of the appointment.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Upgrade SP1 KB2963850

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