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want to make Microsoft Official pure version of the WinPE, first need to go to the Microsoft website, according to their own needs to choose to download the corresponding Windows Evaluation and Deployment Kit (download address: WINDOWS/HARDWARE/WINDOWS-ASSESSMENT-DEPLOYMENT-KIT#WINADK).

Tool download software is not large, only about 1.4MB, after the run will be prompted to install directly in the computer or separate download. If you are making a PE maintenance disk on the computer you are using, choose the installation above, share it or install it on another computer, and choose the following.

The following options "Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)" must be checked, as for other tools to see a person's preferences.

After entering the long security download installation time, 2.9GB or so of the file on the speed is a big test, suggest to go to bed before bedtime ready to download work, tomorrow again into the production and maintenance of the plate link.

When you are done, you will be asked to start the start guide, and friends who want to learn technology and commands can study it, or they can go to Microsoft website to read the tutorial (page address: hh825110.aspx), nothing more to see, the future will be like a small series of computer technology as a player oh.

Now click on the Start menu and under the Windows Kits program group, locate the Deployment and Image tool environment, run as an administrator, then the naming prompt interface, and start the process! Because more command operations are involved, we recommend that you use the computer's micro-letterhead, Open the page in a browser to copy the commands completely to avoid code execution errors.

First, enter the following command to start extracting the WinPE mirror, the screen will be brushed, and so the results appear after the operation.

Copype AMD64 C:WINPE_AMD64

Next, use the command to load the WinPE mirror

Dism/mount-image/imagefile: "C:winpe_amd64mediasourcesboot.wim"/index:1/mountdir: "C:WinPE_amd64mount"

The WinPE folder will be generated under C disk. If you want to store it in a different disk location, you can change the "C:" in the two commands to other locations, it is recommended to directly generate the WinPE folder directly under each letter, not to be stored in a Chinese path or subfolder, the command becomes complicated and error-prone.

WinPE related files based on the previously downloaded version of Windows (8.1/10) have been fully extracted and are now used only with

Makewinpemedia/iso C:winpe_amd64 C:winpe_amd64winpe_amd64.iso

After making the image file in the background and waiting for execution, a WinPE image named "Winpe_amd64.iso" was generated under the C:winpe_amd64 folder.

Now everyone just use UltraISO (soft disk), select the "boot-write hard disk image" function, will just make a good winpe_amd64.iso made to start a U disk, the pure Microsoft WinPE Maintenance disk Even if the production success.

can also be used in the command window

MAKEWINPEMEDIA/UFD c:winpe_amd64 x: (x represents u disk letter)

Make WinPE maintenance disk directly.

The official version of the benefits is a clean, without any third-party software and third-party tools to make maintenance disk insert ads, but its shortcomings are also very obvious, can only use the command prompt to operate. Everyone, don't be afraid. The DISM commands for maintenance, recovery, etc. have been explained in detail in yesterday's content, as long as you just follow this (Microsoft is very intimate to list all the commands, you want to add or remove components directly copy Zh-cn/library/hh824972.aspx#adddevicedrivers's command).

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