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1. What is the millet router official replica?

Official reprint is the name of the officially refurbished version. Millet will return the validity of the recovery of the millet router, update parts, strict assembly inspection and equipped with new accessories, repackaging the factory for sale.

2. Is there any guarantee for the quality of the millet router official piracy?

We assure you that each of the millet router official pirated copies have been thoroughly tested, functional and other millet router no difference; we use new parts to replace parts that cannot be tested through thorough cleaning, with new accessories and repackaging (including manuals, three packs of cards, power supplies, etc.). Please feel free to buy.

3. What kind of service can be obtained from the purchase of the Millet router official replica?

Each of the Millet router official pirated copy of the strict production process and inspection of qualified, enjoy the state "three packs" service, specific please refer to the Millet router return policy, need to pay attention to, when your millet router official turnover in the warranty period of replacement service, we will be the Millet router machine official replica for you to replace. If you are in the process of using the software and hardware of the various settings have questions, you can contact Millet customer service in various ways.

4. How to buy the millet router official replica?

Millet Network is the only purchase of millet router official pirated channels, in the Millet router to select a special channel to purchase, and ordinary millet router purchase process exactly the same. In order to protect your own interests, please do not trust other channels to sell the millet router official pirated.

  5. How to identify the millet router official replica?

Millet router's official pirated Sn (located at the bottom of the router's fuselage and packaging) the first 4 digits of 6752, and the normal product of the SN, can be used to identify your router is a millet router official replica.

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