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Where the Internet friends, in the process of surfing the Internet will encounter a sudden disconnection of the situation, and when to open the router interface, found that the interface of the router can not open, encountered such a problem how to solve it? Small series for home summed up several troubleshooting steps:

Main troubleshooting steps:

First, check the interface of the network cable is normal, pull out to plug in again, note that the interface, including the router's network cable interface and the computer's network interface, see the light is not bright, if the landing can not, change the interface to try

Second, according to the above method can not solve the problem, the power is disconnected, after a few minutes and then plug in to see.

Third, if you can not login to the management interface, then the router to restore factory settings to see.

If the problem is not resolved, I guess your router is probably broken, if you have the conditions, try another router.

Through the above four steps, the problem can generally be solved.

Other possible causes:

In addition, the router management interface is not open, but also may be the following causes of these reasons, users can pay attention to. From W 1, if you are using the router for the first time, please confirm:

① network cable is connected to the correct port (LAN port), the corresponding LED is normal (network card lamp and router corresponding LAN mouth light);

② whether your computer's IP is a network segment of the router LAN port. For example, the router management address is, subnet mask:, the IP address of the computer should be set to: 192.168.1.X (between X 2-254);

2, if you have modified the router's management port, then note: The next time you enter the router you need to http://lan Port ip:xx Way to login, XX for the new port number, such as:

3, if you can log in before the normal router, you cannot enter the router now: it is possible that someone else has modified the router's configuration or the default 80-port-led attack (especially in the case of remote administration), it is recommended to reboot or reset the router, modify the router's management port, and modify the user name and password.

4, if the reset is still unable to enter the router or start a period of time to enter, but after a period of time can not enter the router, you may suffer from ARP spoofing, it is recommended to install 360 or other anti-ARP spoofing software, find the source of deception, kill virus or isolate it.

Ext 5, check whether the IE agent is set up:

Open IE Browser, select Tools-> Internet options-> connection-> LAN settings:

Please make sure that the "Proxy Server for LAN" option above is not checked and, if checked, should be canceled.

Most of the network suddenly disconnected situation, according to the above method to operate, set up generally, the problem can be solved. But if the above method does not take effect on you, when you rule out the network does not owe the case, it is necessary to find relevant network testing personnel to repair for you.

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