Network management must learn how to track IP address?

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As a webmaster, when we troubleshoot a Windows operating system DHCP problem, we sometimes find out which addresses are not being used in an address range. I have previously introduced a method: Open the Command Prompt window, in the ... The ping command is invoked in the Do loop.

For example, to find out which addresses are not being used in the address range to, you can use this command: for/l%f in (1,1,100) do ping.exe-n 2 192.168.1.%f

The command reports all IP addresses within the specified range, whether in use or unused, and users have to look at a large amount of content in the Authentication System command Line window. In fact, we can completely avoid these problems, just create a batch file, ask it to return only those unused IP address, and then the command

The result is entered into a text file. How the Windows system tracks IP addresses, the following methods are described:

Open Notepad and enter the following command in the window:

@Echo off

date/t > IPList.txt

time/t >> IPList.txt

echo =========== >> IPList.txt

FOR/L%%f in (1,1,100) did ping.exe-n 2 192.168.1.%%f find

"Request timed out." && Echo 192.168.1.%%f timed out >>

IPList.txt && echo off


Echo finished!

@Echo on

Notepad.exe IPList.txt

Save this file as a iptracker.bat and close the Notepad program.

It should be noted that in this batch file, the entire for ... In ..... The Do command consists of several commands that are connected by "&&". The command starts with "for" and ends with "off", and the entire command must be on one line. Of course, if users want to use this method, they need to replace the IP address in the example with their own IP address.

Later, if the user wants to resolve DHCP problems, you can locate and double-click the Iptracker.bat file in the browser window, and then start an IP address tracking tool that finds only those unused IP addresses and saves the results to a Notepad file. (In this case, the saved batch file becomes an IP address tracking tool that can be created and reused once.) )

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