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It has been reported recently that Google will assume responsibility for creating a global privacy protection standard that will stipulate how companies protect users ' data. Admittedly, the privacy issue is a topic that has been discussed a lot today, and system and application software generally provide the appropriate options or features to help users better protect their privacy. As a mass download tool, Thunderbolt, what is the privacy protection measures? How can we not let people see "their own data"?

First trick: Delete dog data

In the Thunder 5 Client main window above has a search area, may enter the corresponding key word to go to the dog to find the movie. If you find this information inconvenient, you can click the Search dropdown box to select the "Purge History ..." command (Figure 1).

Small Tips

★ Through this method search box in the "Find a movie to the dog" is not deleted, select this keyword, click the "Resource Search" button will open home page, to facilitate the next movie.

★ Everyone can also open C:Program Filesthunder Networkthundercomponentssearchsearch.ini

File (This installation folder varies depending on the machine) and then delete the corresponding keyword following the history= in the [Search] section (Figure 2).

Second trick: Delete Reyou data

Reyou account number is very important, which will save a lot of our very useful things. Therefore, also cannot disclose own account number. All we have to do is click the Reyou info area to clear history ... "(Figure 3).

Small Tips

You can also open the C:Program filesthunder Networkthundercomponentscommunitycommunity.ini file (this installation folder varies depending on the machine), and then delete [ Community] The corresponding account number in the following history= (Figure 4).

The third trick: Delete search data

Thunderbolt 5 provides a powerful search function for local download resources, we can press ctrl+f at any time to open the search box, in which to enter the corresponding keyword to search. You can also select "Erase History ..." in the window in Figure 5 to clear it.

Small Tips

You can also open C:Program Filesthunder Networkthunderprofilesuserconfig.ini

File, and then delete the corresponding keyword following the [tasksearch] section keyword= (Figure 6).

The 9 principles of the APEC Privacy framework protect users from accessing and modifying items, and the Thunderbolt allows users to delete and modify this information to make their own style of generosity and all the user experience as their own responsibility.

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