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first from Microsoft, although the previous Microsoft has launched the Surface Book, but only the i5 processor version, this time Microsoft formally for surface to add i7 processor version, appears to be a comprehensive performance upgrade.

And just after Microsoft released Surface Book i7 one day, Apple also launched 2016 MacBook Pro, and the new MacBook Pro release has been the focus of global users. Be aware that Apple last updated the MacBook Pro product four years ago.

And as the newest flagship notebook for both Apple and Microsoft, who is better, let's take a look.


Microsoft did not make any changes to the design of the Surface Book i7, which basically lasted the previous style. However, given the Surface Book itself is very innovative design, so no change has become a legitimate thing.

This means that the Surface Book i7 also has the fuselage of Alcoa and the design of a curly, detached hinge, and such a hinge design increases the thickness and weight of the Surface Book i7. Now the Surface Book i7 weighs 1.65 kg and weighs a lot more than the same 13-inch new MacBook Pro.

Apple, by contrast, has reduced the weight of the new MacBook Pro by just 1.36 kg, a lot lighter than the Microsoft Surface Book i7. At the same time, the new MacBook Pro also adopted a new design, in addition to the full metal fuselage, the thickness is only 14.9 mm, and this is more than 22.8 mm thick surface Book i7 more frivolous, of course, visual impact is also stronger.

In fact, the main reason that Surface Book i7 is thicker than the new MacBook Pro is that it uses a screen-and-keyboard separation design, so parts such as hinges, keyboards, and so on, cause the fuselage to thicken. The new MacBook Pro is thin and also benefits from its lack of touch screens and a top i7 processor. Simply put, the Surface book i7 is thicker and heavier than a MacBook Pro, but it is also elegant.


We compare here to the same 13-inch level, the Surface book i7 13.5 inches slightly larger than the MacBook Pro 13.3 inches, while Surface book i7 pixels are higher, reaching an astonishing 3000x2000 pixel, compared to 13-inch new MacBook Pro's resolution 2560x1600 pixel.

From the display effect, the Surface Book i7 screen adobe RGB gamut coverage is 67.6%, the contrast is 1750:1, and this performance is higher than the MacBook Pro, the latter two parameters 60% and 1000:1 respectively, And the concrete effect is not yet available through the world comparison.

In terms of brightness, Apple says the new MacBook Pro is 67% higher than the previous product, while the color gamut is up 67%. It is not possible to test the actual performance for the time being, but there is certainly a small improvement.

Of course, on other screen features, Surface Book i7 also supports touch operations and Surface pen stylus, and will support Surface Dial in the future, so these features are not available from MacBook Pro.

Performance and Connectivity

The two notebooks offer high-end game performance versions, but are limited to high distribution versions and cost more.

The entry-level Surface Book i7 is equipped with the Intel four Core i7 processor and 8GB operating memory, and is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M standalone video card, which is built into the keyboard and supports 190 million times of floating-point computing power. This means that when you connect the screen of the Surface Book i7 with the keyboard, you can perform a considerable amount of computing power.

The entry-level MacBook Pro also provides an Intel i5 processor, and the high-level version uses a i7 processor. The i5 and i7 versions are both dual-core configurations and Skylake architectures, so they are at the same level as the Surface Book. There are two versions of 8GB and 16GB available for running memory.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is only equipped with an Intel Iris integrated video card with 64MB of Edram, so if you want a stand-alone video card like the Surface Book i7, you must choose 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Performance, it seems that the Surface Book i7 advantage is more obvious, of course, the premise is that both are 13-inch version of the comparison.

interface, the Surface Book i7 is equipped with two full-size USB 3.0 connectors and card readers. While the MacBook Pro is equipped with four USB-C standard Thunderbolt 3 connectors, it is compatible with all functions such as Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, Vgi, and recharging.

However, this means that if you want to use your USB connector accessories on the MacBook Pro, you'll have to buy an extra adapter.


Yes, two products are equipped with the latest version of the system, MacBook Pro is MacOS Sierra, while Surface Book i7 is Windows 10. These are two completely different systems and have just updated the latest version. Both have their own app store, all very well.

In Windows 10, we have a Cortana voice helper, which enables voice search through voice commands, quick browsing of files, and creation of documents. If you are a Windows Phone user, you can also use your smartphone across platforms.

Of course, in MacOS Sierra also built-in Siri voice assistant, but at present to see the integration is not too high, temporarily and there is no traditional spotlight search easy to use.

The Windows system is better tuned to the touch screen, and can be converted in tablet mode and notebook mode, but it is not perfect for the time being.

And MacOS is good, if you have to have a part of the iphone. Through a cross-platform experience, we can sync bookmarks on the ipad or iphone to the Safari browser in MacBook Pro. Windows 10 does not yet have such seamless cross-platform functionality, but in essence there are many ways to move data from smartphones to notebooks.

But to say that the whole ecosystem is built, different users have different understanding. Generally speaking, the choice between the MacBook Pro and the Surface Book i7 is based solely on personal preference and usage.

Whether the new Surface Book i7 will encounter a previous system error and fault blue screen is not yet certain. But Microsoft is sure to fix it through system updates, so Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra are also very reliable.

Input mode

Aside from the system and screen, the two devices are very different in the way they are imported. Apple's new MacBook Pro brings a new form of touch bar, which changes the way we used our notebooks before, and in some ways, touches bar is more innovative than Microsoft, and more is done through the touchscreen at the top of the keyboard.

Apple has replaced the full physical function button with an OLED touch bar on 2016 MacBook Pro, but depending on the application and interface, touches bar can display different control content. When you edit a document, it can display input suggestions, browse the Web page, and display favorites and label previews, as well as a shortcut control bar for various tools when you are editing a picture. And there will be more different ways to use it in the future.

Future Third-party apps will also integrate touch bar functionality, and developers can tailor them to their own needs. More importantly, in touch bar, the right side of the power button, Apple also integrates the Touch ID fingerprint recognition function. Yes, the future of user authentication and online payments on MacBook Pro can be done by fingerprint.

Conversely, the Surface Book i7 does not have fingerprint recognition, but it supports iris scans. Of course, the Surface Book I7 's support for the touch screen is more liberal than Apple's touchscreen bar, and we can use Surface Book i7 like a tablet.

So although the two input methods are very different, but obviously Microsoft's more flexible, and even included the surface pen stylus, can be arbitrary graffiti and drawing. Of course, in basic mode, it can also be a touch screen and surface Pen, but still a bit shaky.

Another type of input is the trackpad, a further increase in the size of the new MacBook Pro trackpad, and the use of Apple's latest Force Touch technology to provide more accurate tactile feedback. It's not a new technology, but there's been a lot of improvement.

Storage space

The new MacBook Pro and Surface Book i7 all offer 256GB/512GB/1TB three capacity, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro even has 2TB of oversized SSD, which is very satisfying for high-end users.

But it should be noted that Apple canceled the reader's design on the new MacBook Pro, which could annoy some photographers.


No one can really say which is better until we actually put two notebooks together directly. After all, these two products represent the highest level of notebook products available on the market, and Surface Book i7 can be viewed as an upgraded version of Surface books, while MacBook Pro brings a lighter and thinner new design.

As for Touch Bar, is it a revolutionary way of typing innovation? At the moment, maybe Touch bar is just an enhancement, but it doesn't change the way we use our notebooks. Of course, the Surface Book i7 touch screen works only in flat mode.

Surface Book i7 has a large cut in display performance over a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with a removable display and a stand-alone video card hidden in the keyboard. For designers, however, the new MacBook Pro is more appealing. After all, Apple has a natural advantage over Microsoft in terms of brand value.

However, for business users, the Surface book i7 is clearly better suited for a product that is a space-moving, performance-and-designed Windows system representative. Computer Tutorials

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