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Attention refers to the ability of a person's mental activity to point to and focus on a certain kind of thing. Usually we are on the subway with a mobile phone brush Weibo, it is likely not to pay attention to how many passengers or the next side of the station to talk about the content, and even may have to sit on the station. We operate the computer will open the N window, we are listening to a song to browse a news, but also attention to the message from QQ. Researchers have recruited a group of college students to perform tests to see what they do when they operate computer/TV on a day-to-day mission-free State. The experiment found that people's attention was switched 120 times in 27.5 minutes, averaging more than 4 times per minute. Among the young students, the attention is more frequent and the attention remains shorter, maintaining only 2.3 seconds.

So, how to grasp the initiative in the process of communication with the user? The core is the ability to hold the user's attention firmly and guide him towards the goal we set.

So under what circumstances do we need to attract the attention of the user?

1. New Message Delivery

For example, my phone receives a message that makes me notice and read it quickly.

2. Change of Operation state

The most common QQ offline, up and down line, and friends up and down line.

3. Reminds

I may not have enough power in my notebook.

When navigating the car, the navigation prompts me to turn the corner.

4. Error

When an error occurs, the designer expects the user to be concerned about the error message of the information.

5. Help users quickly navigate to useful information

When searching for a keyword, all occurrences of the keyword in the search results page are marked red. This makes it easier for users to find and see where the keyword is located.

How to attract users ' attention?

The current visual or mainstream application, that is, the notification on the screen to display a variety of information. The way of hearing, in some places can make some additions to the vision. And in the mobile phone, pad end of these devices, can also be combined with the vibration of the way to attract attention.

1. Color

The color distinction is the most direct stimulation of the human visual sense, which can quickly arouse the attention of the users. The creation of effective visual differences allows users to distinguish between different elements of the similarities and differences. In the field of life, color has a special meaning that we can use. For example, use the link color to differentiate.

Warning Reminder with warning color

Warning of color mutation

2. Font

For text content, the use of different fonts is also a way to highlight the performance. The most used, such as bold.

Messages that are not viewed are bold when they are processed.

3. Flashing

In daily life, there are some flashing examples, such as car turning lights, warning flashing lights; at the end of a traffic light, it is also through flashing reminders; the wrong hint flashes when the second time you enter an error on the iphone's lock-screen password.

4. Sound

The sound is to the visual supplement, in the visual aspect is not effective attracts the user, or does not have the way to see the visual information, needs through the auditory stimulation to attract the user. such as doorbell, phone calls and so on.

There is a case in the design of sound: The designer uses the sound of a thermos flask to design a blind hearing progress bar.

5. Vibration

Motorists have had this experience, and many places have taken the form of this oscillating double yellow line. When the driving vehicle is crushed to the double yellow line, the car will obviously feel the vibration, thus reminding the driver to notice. Now many high-end models on the assembly of the lane offset automatic reminder device, when the vehicle is detected in the premise of no turn to the normal driving lane, but also through the vibration steering wheel to remind the driver attention, and automatically correct the direction.


From the Forum blog to the current microblog, the user's ability to tolerate information is getting worse. Capturing the user's attention becomes the most valuable asset. Whether it's visual, auditory, or tactile, it's actually all about stimulating the user through a sense of contrast.

But it is worth our attention is: designers to grasp the degree of stimulation, not at the same time the same interface to show a number of attention to focus, which will result in carnival effect. The extra visual element distracts the user's attention, and instead becomes a visual noise, the effect of which will be greatly compromised.

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