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A few years ago, CCTV "Oriental Space-Time" column has a small column called "Living space", there is a word once rage, is "telling the people of their own story", so far people unforgettable, why there is such a charm? The main is to grasp the psychological needs of people, people need to care about, hope to receive attention. This is especially true today in the socialization of large production, because the development of the society, the emergence of High-tech, to a large extent, opened the distance between people. So it is precisely to find the entry point, just let this sentence so that people moved.

Similarly, in the design of the website, we see a problem, that is, the content of today's Web site is stereotyped, we copy each other, imitation. Make more and more people feel helpless, I think should also find a good point of their own? Or should we try to narrow the distance with the user, do not only by feeling to do something that makes people not interested in things, or only to the eyes of a small number of people. To know that not everyone wants to know which leader to visit which country, which country's plane has an accident, which star likes to eat what? The website imposes these content to the user is unreasonable, as the four media, the website and the television and the newspaper has its own unique superiority, largely lies in its interactivity and the renewal speed and the flexibility, therefore the website should play its own this superiority, subdivides its own user group, Close and their subdivision of the specific user's distance, to find what they are interested in, such as the life of a lot of people around the things more sensitive, after all, these environment themselves more familiar with the plants have poured their feelings, if able to give attention, you can narrow this distance, to win them. To win their own users is the site of the standing station. Want to win all the user's strategy is not desirable, so often the result is very little, of course, the current network is not perfect, the construction of the website has not formed a certain system, the network user segmentation has not formed, so many of the site planning did not take into account this aspect, At the same time, a large number of network users have not yet formed their own fixed internet use habits. This has caused this kind of website blind operate, then has each other to follow the situation. Standardizing this behavior requires each website to start with its own positioning. In the same way, have you ever seen an enterprise that you can claim to be able to do? No, only those who cheat say so, but no one will believe. So we should stick to the principle of subdividing our own users. Find your own user base. So that their site in a number of sites stand out, become the leader in this category of sites.

On the basis of user groups, how do we start to engage in the selection of the content of their own web site? In addition to the general business of the Web site is not much choice (because they want to make their own enterprise product claims and their own corporate propaganda), other business sites or personal sites face this problem, such as a student-oriented website, especially for college students, so they can study their own subjects-college students , what do they like to do, what is the most favorite thing to do on the Internet? Finally draw their own conclusions, such as through the search data or survey to know that college students generally like to watch news, international and domestic events, fashion life, download software and MP3, but want to do all the things, is bound to outweigh the gains, so you can find a breakthrough, such as software downloads, Like the Huajun Software Park, the site to make their own features to create professional-level downloads of the site, you can win their own users. It does not make other computers or communications, and there are many other news events and so on, and if so, it will not be the situation today. Software download can be made into a professional-grade website, News Professional website Why can not do it? Of course, in the news class can also do some subdivision, after all, the concept of news is still some large, can be dedicated to international news, including some current events analysis of the commentary, so that every day has a fixed user to come, thus forming their own fixed user base. Rather than a lot of sites like now, as long as on a site is enough, to understand only these, want to understand some of the content is impossible, because they do not have the ability to do this, after all, the content involved is too much! This problem is particularly evident on sports websites. Some sports websites do not have the ability to do some in-depth reports, just put the news on other websites again on their own page, want to know the team you care about the results of the game, any site can be, so there is no own unique user base. Not reach the purpose of the overall strategy of the website. As long as can find their own point of entry can make their own characteristics to form their own professional characteristics. Achieve the purpose of a professional grade website. This is also a lot of personal sites in particular to pay attention to the problem. Because they are often a person or a few people together to create maintenance, it is impossible to spread their own face, you should find a good point of entry. Can save their time, but also to win their own users. I think it's a development trend to find out what's going on here.

Choose their own site content is not immutable, there is no absolute formula, there are many times to be based on their own actual situation to adjust. This kind of adjustment is often to be carried on with the change of the time unceasingly. Users are not once and for all follow the site if the same face to go, need to add something new. This requires the designer to constantly update their own knowledge, especially in this related field of knowledge, to make their own things so that users like, their first favorite, to their content is very good, or will not achieve the purpose. If a football site (not the designer of the web), he is not interested in football, then it will not care about the field of football, knowledge step-by-step editing, pasting, so that the things that users do not like.

To make their own website features, we must follow the above principles, adhere to the breakdown of user groups, to find a professional field. More importantly, to be able to do these two basic sites for the people to love life, care about life, at the same time to care about their own users, always pay attention to their emotions, as far as possible to do what they want, at the same time to see themselves as one of them, often can put themselves in their perspective to see their own site, will be able to make a richer content of the site to be welcomed by them.

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