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In order to show the theme of the page or to the atmosphere of the game, often see the game's page using a lot of different types of light effect rendering, a simple element sometimes add a little light effect can be converted to the magic of decay. So how does light efficiency actually affect the visual perception of the page? 1, enrich the level of the page when the character and background of the color is relatively close, in order to enhance the character's sense of three-dimensional and space, you can add light effect on the characters, pull away the distance between the characters and the background, the formation of visual differences, so that the need to emphasize the characters on the moment highlighted out, the level of the page also reflected out.

2, foil the atmosphere of the color of light effect, the shape and appearance of the position will have a very direct impact on the design of the atmosphere, like the light source in the real world, the light effect of light-colored warm colors gives people a bright warm feeling, dark cold tones give people a dark and cold feeling, the same material plus different light effect, It may be a completely different position to show. Specific to the game page design, different power personalities, usually have their own representative color, at this time with the corresponding light effect to performance, it is easy to contrast these forces different personality, is very basic application.

3, visual focus sometimes light effect on the page in the form of light, this can easily grasp the user's eyeball, attract the user's focus, the page needs to focus on the information can be displayed in the vicinity of the light, this time effect as a guide to the role of users, very simple, but very effective.

But more often, the light effect is not only a function of the above, in the process of page design, the three functions will be combined together. can see the following page of lights and fireworks to make the whole stage atmosphere hot, as if you can feel the enthusiasm of the performance of the scene. The contrast of light and shade makes the stage seem to have a strong sense of space. Spotlight to guide the user's eyes, at a glance can see the focus of the visual focus.

Know the principle of light effect, we naturally understand when and where to add what light effect, can achieve our goal, then how to do light effect, let us do a try:

Added to the light effect of the flame, the characters appear to be more dynamic alive, the whole picture has a war of war feeling, but now the whole picture is not high enough, this time we will adjust the tone and contrast of the characters and other methods to make the whole picture more harmonious, but do not miss an important step is the environment color, Can be added to the character by adding environmental color to make the characters and light effect of a better combination, and there is texture of the light effect as now used in the flame, you can overlay the material to the characters of the dark and bright surface so that the picture more real vivid (such as the green dots in the map). Finally, we can add some fluttering scattered flares to make the flames more dynamic.

Light special effects use and skills of the ever-changing, the use of appropriate to play the finishing touches of the effect, the above is just my usual use of some skills, here, welcome to discuss together.

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